Prattle: Anticipating Market Movement

Nasdaq's Brad Smith sat down with Evan Schnidman, Founder and CEO of Prattle -- a Nasdaq Analytics Hub data provider -- to discuss the company's real-time automated investment research. Below are some of the highlights from their conversation:

  • Schnidman started his career and company after taking some of his graduate work and utilizing the research to provide automated investment market data.
  • Noting that he is an avid horologist, he explained that he is fascinated with all of the tiny components that go into a timepiece. This fascination is also what motivated him to look at all of the disjointed data points and how they could be used to help make wise investment decisions.

  • Prattle is about precision and being able to know what's coming next, whether it be about Central Bank sentiment, the macro economy, or corporate actions -- it is about taking these signals and apply them to technology to make market decisions.
  • Prattle's CEO notes that it is "amazing to see how many people are drowning in information these days." Prattle's aim is to mitigate cognitive bias, but also cognitive overload by keeping track of all relevant data, scoring the data, and then providing it back without bias to traders, investors and/or bankers to distill the data into salient market-moving information.

To learn more about Prattle's technology and approach, watch the entire interview below or here >

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