PeerForward, its Success, Strategy and Impact

The conversation was lead by Evan Harvey, Nasdaq's Global Head of Sustainability. Evan welcomed a panel from PeerForward. The panel included:

  • Keith Frome, CEO, PeerForward
  • Gary Linnen, Manager Director, Program Operations and Innovation, PeerForward
  • Michael Ferron, alumni of PeerForward

The conversation with PeerForward included the following points:

  1. Review on what kinds of opportunities PeerForward offers its corporate partners/volunteers;
  2. Review of PeerForward’s greatest successes;
  3. Discussion on what local school districts need to proactively do and how PeerForward helps to “fill in the gaps” for them;
  4. Overview on the focus on peer influence and how it has been an effective success strategy;
  5. Discuss with the Alum(s) of the program and how their life has been affected by involvement with PeerForward

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