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Nuestra Gente: Adelante Co-Chair Lyanne Alfaro on how Nasdaq Engages Meaningful Conversations

Lyanne Alfaro

¡Adelante Nasdaq! – the Employee Resource Group (ERG) at Nasdaq bringing together our Hispanic, Latino, indigenous communities and allies – is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. This month, we are profiling our membership and their diverse backgrounds, speaking about their roles and what it means to be an ally.

Meet Lyanne Alfaro, Adelante Co-Lead, Supervising Director and Social Media Content Director, who is of Mexican descent and speaks Spanish and English.

Tell us about your role at Nasdaq.

I supervise production of social-first multimedia assets. In particular, I focus on podcasts, livestreams and social videos. In addition, this year I’ve had the great opportunity to develop brand campaigns and roll them out on social alongside multimedia assets. On any given day, I may be hosting an interview with a new company to the Nasdaq family or laying out a rollout plan for a new episode of our podcast, Tomorrow’s Capital.

How would you describe Adelante to a new employee?

I would describe Adelante as a growing space to people who are Latinx, Afro-Latinx, Hispanic, indigenous and more. Given how new the group is, there is a lot of opportunity  to lean into projects, grow membership and represent the membership at Nasdaq. There is also the chance to partner with other major technology companies to celebrate the diversity in our affinity groups and do meaningful work.

Favorite memory while being a part of the ERG?

I enjoyed working on the recap video for Hispanic Heritage Month last year and Adelate’s events that brought companies like Airbnb, Prospanica and Univision at Nasdaq. This was a chance to put Nasdaq’s events on display and our ability to bring people together in person.

How to be a good ally to the Latino community?

Lean into the Adelante group and professional affinity groups across your town! There is a lot to learn from a career perspective from different ERGs and also about ways to make impact In your direct communities.

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Lyanne Alfaro


Lyanne is a producer, host and social media strategist at Nasdaq. Her team helps reimage the way Nasdaq tells stories about Nasdaq’s role in the future of technology via video, podcasting and social content. You can find her on social media @LyanneAlfaro

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