Notcoin Airdrop Ends — Is a Massive NOT Price Rally on the Horizon -

The recent Notcoin (NOT) airdrop concluded on June 16, resulting in a significant 20% dip in market capitalization. Despite this, the tide is turning positively for the Telegram-based game, with new developments rekindling traders’ confidence and a promising technical setup pointing towards a potential 100% price rally. Let’s discuss these factors in detail.

What’s Next For Notcoin After The Airdrop

NOT’s price has been erasing parts of its recent losses, rebounding by over 11.25% to reach $0.0162 on June 19. This recovery came just a day after Sasha, Notcoin’s founder, shared insights about the project’s future following the conclusion of the airdrop hype.

In an interview with the Block, Sasha said he wants to move away from Notcoin’s click-to-earn model. For the unversed: Notcoin is the first Telegram game that introduced the clicker model, where users earn in-game currency by merely pressing a button. This strategy laid the groundwork for a $1 billion token airdrop, which, as mentioned above, ended on June 16.

But it is time to change the mechanic, argued Sasha, saying:

“I do not expect it will have any sustainability. From my perspective, only the games that have sustainable models will survive.”

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Sasha outlined a four-year plan to make the project independent of the team by building sustainable and efficient subsystems.

One of the current focuses of the project is the Notcoin app, which offers campaigns allowing users to earn Notcoin by interacting with newer Telegram games. The goal is to become a hub for launching other ecosystem projects while stimulating demand for Notcoin and burning tokens in the process. Sasha anticipates increasing these campaigns to 50 to 100 per week.

“It’s like farming, but instead of providing liquidity, users provide their time and attention. This model allows us to be sustainable without printing new Notcoins,” he explained.

The Notcoin team reported that 11.5 million users had claimed their NOT tokens, with most airdropped tokens already distributed. The remaining tokens are allocated for future project development, with a small portion designated for burning.

“Most of the drop was distributed already; unclaimed tokens will be put into future development, part will be burned. In addition, there will be an extra reward for those who staked for Gold and Platinum levels. The more you do for Notcoin, the more you get back, as usual,” the Notcoin team stated.

Prominent analyst Alex Krüger has praised NOT as the best meme coin on the market, noting its unique approach compared to traditional strategies for creating meme coins. Notcoin’s integration of gaming elements has broadened its appeal, attracting a wider audience.

Source: X

These new bullish fundamentals arrive just at a time when NOT is forming a classic bullish reversal pattern.

Notcoin Price Prediction: NOT Could Rally Another 100% Next

From a technical standpoint, NOT’s price gains after Sasha’s Notcoin roadmap discussions are part of what appears to be a double-bottom pattern.

Notably, a double bottom pattern is a bullish reversal chart pattern that forms after a downtrend, characterized by two distinct lows at approximately the same level, indicating strong support and a potential upward price movement.

As a rule of technical analysis, the pattern resolves after the price successfully breaks above the neckline resistance and rises by as much as the maximum distance between the setup’s lowest point and the neckline. NOT’s price will likely go through a similar trajectory in the coming weeks, as illustrated below.

NOTUSDT four-hour price chart. Source: TradingView

That said, the interim target for NOT—sometime in July—is the neckline resistance at around $0.0216 if the cryptocurrency undergoes a strong bounce. This is partially possible due to Notcoin’s oversold relative strength index (RSI) on the four-hour chart, which typically preceded price rebounds, such as the 45.30% rebound earlier in June.

Meanwhile, a decisive close above $0.0216 will likely trigger the double-bottom pattern breakout scenario, leading the Notcoin price toward $0.0314—almost double the current price—by July’s end.

Conversely, a breakdown below the pattern’s lowest point— at around $0.0143—could push NOT’s price toward $0.0130, which served as resistance in late May.

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