Navigating the Current Market: Partnering with Edward Chang for Successful IPOs and Beyond

Edward Chang

The current market is experiencing high levels of volatility and uncertainty, presenting challenges for both investors and companies seeking to go public. Even major U.S. stock exchanges have seen IPOs for international companies frozen due to various factors such as higher interest rates and extreme market fluctuations. The SPAC market is also declining, with record numbers of liquidations, a shrinking number of new filings, and underwriters that are much more cautious in choosing new sponsors.

Amid the current market challenges, Warren Buffett's quote "Be fearful when people are greedy and be greedy when people are fearful" still holds true for investors. However, the question is, what does being "greedy" mean in this scenario? With the days of sky-high valuations for IPOs and de-SPAC targets based solely on future forecasts now gone, investors are now looking for companies that can demonstrate solid track records, reasonable valuations, growth potential, and the ability to adapt to public company life. In other words, investors want value, and companies that can deliver on this front are more likely to succeed in the current market.

Companies now are seeking guidance, knowledge, and reliability from their investor. They need a partner that can guide them through this market and provide them with more than just short-term capital or a blank check from a SPAC. Through such partnership, companies can showcase their fundamentals, deliver returns to investors, and provide value in this challenging market.

Edward Chang is an experienced advisor and investor with a track record of navigating IPOs on US exchanges during volatile markets. He founded and raised his own fund, Origin Equity Partners, to invest in and guide qualified companies onto the public markets. Edward has consistently ventured into and found success in domains before mainstream acceptance, such as emerging markets like China and Indonesia, sectors like blockchain and sustainability, and financial products such as SPAC. Although recognized as a capital markets expert and strategist within the industry, Edward has maintained a low profile outside of work to ensure that the focus remains on his clients and company.

Edward's investment and transaction approach is defined by his attention to detail, direct attitude, and a readiness to explore innovative solutions.. However, some may perceive his candid and straightforward communication style as being blunt. His track record of creating added value to his investments makes him a valuable partner for businesses seeking to go public on major stock exchanges and  continue their growth. Edward’s investment philosophy centers on creating sustainable value for his partners, focusing on fundamentally sound companies, with a particular emphasis on those operating in Asia.. He also places importance on the role of expertise and innovation in achieving returns and creating a positive impact on the world.

Some critics argue that Edward’s approach is too conservative compared to high-growth venture capital investments that prioritize storytelling and growth trajectory and his emphasis on fundamentals can serve as limitations to reap higher rewards.

However, with IPOs on hold and SPACs declining, the current market demands a more long-term approach. Investors and companies seek guidance and partners who can help them weather the storm and deliver sustainable returns without taking unnecessary risks. As Edward once said, " 'I don't deny that storytelling is important in investing, but a good story is not enough. Just like a well-written book, for a company to stand the test of time, there must be solid fundamentals." In this market, where the focus is on value to mitigate risks and reap higher rewards in the long run, Edward's approach may be well-suited.

In partnership with Nasdaq, the World Federation of Exchanges has recently launched a green equity initiative to promote sustainable investments in the exchange space. This initiative also aligns with Edward’s investment philosophy, creating sustainable impact alongside financial returns.

Edward’s track record of portfolio companies sustaining their growth after his exit rather than just achieving alpha for investors distinguishes him from others in the field. He has an extensive network and a wealth of experience, which he leverages to help companies achieve their goals. Edward's focus on sustainable success in Asia and experience as an investor may make him an excellent partner for companies seeking to achieve long-term success as a publicly listed company.

In a time where investment strategies often prioritize cost-cutting measures and higher leverages, which can potentially harm a company’s long-term future, Edward stands out from the crowd. His investments not only yield substantial returns but also make a positive impact on the world and the company.

Edward Chang has a long track record as an advisor and investor in the SPAC and IPO markets. His focus on partnering and investing into quality companies to become public on US stock exchanges may prove to be just what the market needs. Edward’s approach emphasizes the importance of a hands-on approach rather than blindly raising capital. In today’s market, opportunities are reserved for the right companies and the right partners. Edward’s expertise could prove invaluable for companies’ seeking success on their IPO and beyond.

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The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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