Nasdaq's COO Adena Friedman Talks Blockchain with CNBC

Nasdaq's COO, Adena Friedman spoke exclusively with CNBC on a variety of topics. Central to the discussion was an overview of blockchain technology and how it can lead to fast and efficient trade settlements. Nasdaq has been on the forefront of this technology utilizing it in several initiatives.

Acknowledging that Nasdaq was already providing technology to over 100 exchanges and clearing houses, Friedman noted that blockchain would be a natural extensive of this technology for these companies. In addition, during the interview, Friedman stated, "In our space, it's all about shortening the time to settlement and freeing up the capital that sits in the banks, that's kind of trapped inside the clearing houses, to manage risk," said Friedman, adding, "There's a real opportunity for [blockchain] over time. But it's going to take some time."

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