Nasdaq Celebrates Women in Technology | Kinga Jędrusik
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Nasdaq Women in Technology: Kinga Jędrusik, Polish Power Exchange

Nasdaq Celebrates Women in Technology | Kinga Jędrusik

As a Senior Expert of Technology and Support Office at Polish Power Exchange (TGE), Kinga Jędrusik supervises anything from trading systems and supporting applications to testing software. 

We spoke with Kinga to learn more about her role at the only licensed commodity exchange in Poland. 

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your role at Polish Power Exchange (TGE)?

I have spent over 15 years of my career with Polish Power Exchange (TGE). I started in the operational/business area, and now I am a Senior Expert in Technology and Support, as well as the Head of the Exchange Applications Team. Our team plays the interfacing role between business and IT. We take care of the trading system and supporting applications to ensure their development, fulfill business requests and also test the software. 

How did you become involved in the technology space?

I had various work experiences in IT during my studies. I worked for a company providing e-learning training for managers, and I was involved in product testing. In fact, that was my first exposure to the technology area. However, I never planned a career in this field. It all happened spontaneously and, in retrospect, turned out to be a hit. For a long time at TGE, I had been working in the green energy trading department, but when the company implemented a new trading system, X-Stream Trading, I was invited to join the project team. And so, I embarked on a new career path.

How has technology influenced your role at TGE?

Making myself comfortable in the world of technology was a long but also very interesting process for me. The fascinating thing is that technology is developing so rapidly and changing everyone's lives. There is no boredom in the technology industry, as there are always new projects or products to offer. Interestingly, we can always be surprised by disruptive technologies that force us to redefine our business models, competitive strategies and methods of interacting with customers. I can now say that since I entered this area, I have become a more conscious user of technology not only at work but also in my private life. Besides, there is a human being behind every piece of technology, and I really enjoy working with people.

Throughout your career, what challenges have you been presented with that you've had to overcome?

The first challenge was balancing work and family life as I am a mother of three young kids. It was challenging in the world of technology, where the idea of taking a year off can trigger the fear of 'falling out of the loop.' Fortunately, my concerns disappeared when I returned to work after having my first child. TGE created a very friendly working environment for me where I could be both a mother and a good employee. Each time my maternity leave ended, I knew I had a place to return to. This gave me a great sense of comfort and strengthened my commitment to be an efficient and reliable leader. 

The second perpetual challenge is that I work for a rapidly growing company. TGE is involved in many projects, including international ones. On the one hand, this is a great advantage, but on the other, it poses many challenges, for example, in terms of efficient organization of work and coordination of work in parallel projects. However, I do feel very comfortable in such circumstances, and this gives me space for growth and action. Some of the daily challenges that I enjoy tackling consist of the following: How to speed up/improve certain processes? How do you prioritize tasks and complete them on time despite when given limited resources? 

What advice would you give to people who are interested in working in business development or desire to have a role in the technology sector? 

 My best advice is that your willingness counts. If you want it, try it, don't limit your possibilities! If you don't try something new, there is a chance you can miss out on very positive experiences or adventures. In my opinion, the technology field is not exclusive to people who typically have technology-oriented interests. The diversity of roles and complexity of projects means that people with different skills, including soft skills, are always needed. The IT area has many facets, and I encourage you to take on new challenges and personal development in this very exciting and robust area!


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