Inna Kleynburg, Head of Compliance & Legal Technology, AllianceBernstein

Nasdaq Women in Technology: Inna Kleynburg, AllianceBernstein

Inna Kleynburg, Head of Compliance & Legal Technology @AB_insights, discusses the many opportunities that the technology industry has to offer, the challenges she has faced and lessons she has learned throughout her successful career.

Inna Kleynburg, Head of Compliance & Legal Technology, AllianceBernstein

Inna Kleynburg has been with AllianceBernstein for 20 years, where she now works as Head of Compliance & Legal Technology. Inna’s team is responsible for business analysis, project management, product management, and development for all Legal and Compliance-related systems.

As a valued technology partner of Nasdaq, AllianceBernstein understands that innovation is pioneering the future of the industry. We virtually sat down with Inna to learn more about the many opportunities that the technology industry has to offer and to discuss challenges she has faced and lessons she has learned throughout her successful career.

How did you become involved in the technology industry, and how has technology influenced your role?

When I was in college, graduating with BBA in Management Information Systems from Pace University, I was hired by AllianceBernstein into their two-year Technology Associate Program, where I experienced different areas of technology in a rotational program. While working, I went back to school to get my master’s degree in Information Systems from Pace University. After graduating from the Technology Associate Program, I received offers from a few different departments but ultimately decided to take an offer with Compliance and Legal Technology. I was given an opportunity to learn and work on multiple very interesting systems, such as Electronic Communications Archiving and Surveillance, AML and Sanction Screening, Document Management System and other internally developed solutions. This gave me insight into different types of technologies used as well as experience in the various phases of product support and implementation. It was fascinating to dive into the details of managing each system, providing solutions for our internal teams, and ensuring we meet all regulatory requirements. I was driven to take on more responsibility, becoming familiar with the full range of Compliance and Legal technology and subsequently taking on the role as Head of the Compliance & Legal Technology group, responsible for all the systems that the Legal and Compliance department uses globally.

Throughout your career, what challenges have you been presented with that you’ve had to overcome?

There are constantly new rules and regulations that compliance departments must be compliant with, which has proved to be a challenge throughout my career. I work with many vendors and departments within AllianceBernstein to make sure we use the best and most efficient technology that provides the best results for Legal and Compliance. This is a big challenge because some of the technology we use is complex and requires high attention to detail to keep up with the changes. I have to make sure I manage time and resources well, as there are over 15 systems.

What advice would you give to young professionals who aspire to be in the technology industry?

I would advise young professionals that technology is constantly changing and has an array of opportunities. They should try to explore as much as they can and learn as much as they can, as it will be tremendously beneficial no matter what they decide to focus on.

How do you and your colleagues collaborate on a day-to-day basis, and do you have any advice on how to be successful working in teams?

We work extremely well together and have been working together for many years. To achieve success working in teams means understanding each person’s role and helping each other complete work and tasks. We always support each other and anticipate our clients’ needs by coming up with a solution or recommendation that mitigates future potential risks. We work in partnership by having an open communication channel to prioritize our projects, making them successful.

How does diversity influence the culture at AllianceBernstein?

At AllianceBernstein, Diversity and Inclusion is an essential part of our culture. It’s a strategic priority that we want to embed throughout all facets of the firm, and it creates a great work environment. We have many different resource groups that employees participate in depending on people’s interests. Even though AllianceBernstein employees come from all different backgrounds, we are working towards one goal – having the best interest of our clients.



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