Nasdaq Welcomes CES Energy Solutions as a International Designation Member

CES Tower Shot

Nasdaq is proud to welcome CES Energy Solutions Corp. (OTC – Nasdaq Intl Designation: CESDF), a leading provider of technically advanced consumable chemical solutions, to the Nasdaq International Designation Program. Previously Canadian Energy Services & Technology, CES has significantly transformed its business since its initial public offering in March 2006, and has broadened its operational footprint across North America. The new company name avoids geographic reference, while incorporation of the CES acronym helps to maintain brand recognition. CES Energy Solutions joins the following other Canadian companies: Roxgold, Inc. (OTC – Nasdaq Intl Designation: ROGFF) and Nautilus Minerals, Inc. (OTC – Nasdaq Intl Designation: NUSMF).

The Nasdaq International Designation program is designed for non-U.S.-based companies that have level 1 American Depository Receipts or shares that trade in the over-the-counter (OTC) market. As a member of the program, CES Energy Solutions can now leverage additional visibility in the U.S. investment community and resources for investor relations support.

Commenting on their joining the Nasdaq International Designation, CES Energy Solutions President and Chief Executive Officer Tom Simons said:

“As the Corporation’s US operations continue to grow, so has the increase in interest from the US investment community. The Nasdaq International Designation will provide CES with access to Nasdaq’s investor marketing programs and investor relations services to increase the visibility of CES in the US capital markets.”

Launched in December 2015, the Nasdaq International Designation is home to a diverse range of companies in innovative industries across the globe. In addition to Canada, our members hail from Australia, Japan, Germany, Brazil, the U.K., and the Netherlands. Additional companies in the Nasdaq International Designation program include:

  • Alexium International Group (OTC – Nasdaq Intl Designation: AXXIY; ASX: AJX)
  • Audio Pixels Holdings (OTC – Nasdaq Intl Designation: ADPXY; ASX: AKP)
  • BE Semiconductor Industries N.V. (OTC – Nasdaq Intl Designation: BESIY; AMS: BESI)
  • Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (OTC – Nasdaq Intl Designation: CLVLY) (ASX:CUV)
  • Continental AG (OTC – Nasdaq Intl Select Designation: CTTAY; XETR: CON)
  • CYBERDYNE Inc. (OTC – Nasdaq Intl Select Designation: CYBQY; TYO: 7779)
  • Earthport plc (OTC – Nasdaq Intl Designation: EPCUF; LSE: EPO)
  • Kubota Corporation (OTC – Nasdaq Intl Select Designation: KUBTY; TYO: 6326)
  • Macquarie Group (OTC – Nasdaq Intl Select Designation: MQBKY; ASX: MQG)
  • Marfrig Global Foods (OTC – Nasdaq Intl Select Designation: MRRTY; BM&F Bovespa: MRFG3)
  • Nautilus Minerals Inc. (OTC – Nasdaq Intl Designation: NUSMF; TSX: NUS)
  • Nidec Corporation (OTC:NJDCY) (TYO:6594)
  • Qantas Airways (OTC – Nasdaq Intl Select Designation: QABSY; ASX: QAN)
  • Rakuten Inc. (OTC – Nasdaq Intl Select Designation: RKUNY; TYO: 4755)
  • Roxgold Inc. (OTC – Nasdaq Intl Designation: ROGFF; TSX-V: ROG)

Members of the program were invited to the Nasdaq MarketSite this past year with the opportunity to amplify their brand activities through different channels. For example, Qantas joined Nasdaq, Inc. to ring the Nasdaq opening bell and Cyberdyne leveraged Nasdaq Facebook Live to showcase new technology in 2016. In 2017, we look forward to helping our members grow their brand, increase liquidity and shape their personal message to the investment community.

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