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Nasdaq Sustainability Series: Nasdaq Speaks With ECPAT-USA About Ending Human Trafficking

Nasdaq Sustainability Series: Nasdaq Speaks with ECPAT-USA about Ending Human Trafficking

Nasdaq's Global Head of Sustainability Evan Harvey interviewed ECPAT-USA's Executive Director Carol Smolenski about ending human trafficking, especially of children, and prostitution. One major key to that goal's success is to educate children about the dangers of child trafficking and what to avoid on the internet.

ECPAT-USA’s work has become even more important in this age of social media where kids can be lured by child predators online and on the web. Smolenski talks about ECPAT-USA’S efforts in New York City schools which they have begun teaching and empowering children about the dangers of child trafficking and educating them on how to use the internet safely. She also talked about how a travel company that signed with ECPAT-USA and their code of ethics stopped the trafficking of two young girls in New York.

ECPAT-USA has their own annual Freedom Award that honors and celebrates the heroes and organizations that have made major strides to help end child trafficking, and has incorporated the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into their code of ethics and guidelines.

According to Smolenski, the most important thing that a company can do to help end child trafficking is to spread awareness. Check out the interview with Smolenski, hosted by Nasdaq's Evan Harvey, in the video below:


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