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Nasdaq Recognized at Waters Rankings Awards 2021 as Best Market Surveillance Provider

Nasdaq Recognized at Waters Rankings Awards 2021 as Best Market Surveillance Provider

Nasdaq was recently awarded Best Market Surveillance Provider by Waters Rankings, marking the seventh time since 2014. As an industry accolade voted exclusively by industry peers and WatersTechnology’s readers, this marks an important recognition of Nasdaq’s excellence and commitment to safeguarding the financial markets through cutting-edge surveillance technology. Importantly, the recognition from the end-users of surveillance solutions worldwide highlights the continuous developments from Nasdaq’s surveillance technology teams to address the industry’s evolving performance requirements. 

Nasdaq has over 25 years of surveillance expertise as a long-time provider of sophisticated surveillance technology that enables over 160 firms across the financial services industry, as well as over 50 marketplaces, regulators and supervisors, to systematically monitor transactions in order to identify market abuse and malicious behavior. As trading behaviors continue to evolve with new types of investors entering the global marketplaces and trading new types of asset classes, Nasdaq strives to be ahead of potential market threats with innovative technology solutions that enable firms to better understand and uncover manipulative behavior. Similarly, the process of safeguarding the global markets has transformed in recent years as the trading patterns continue to evolve, whether the trading pattern belongs to an institutional or a retail investor. 

Nasdaq’s surveillance technology offering and capabilities are continuously tweaked and improved, so it can best serve the compliance and surveillance analysts who rely on the solutions daily. A focus on minimizing false positive alerts continues to drive the detection roadmap. Simultaneously, the data landscape is changing, fueling a more proactive approach to monitoring, which requires robust technology solutions and a structured approach to data collection. From sourcing and capturing data to alert detection, escalation and management, Nasdaq Trade Surveillance and Nasdaq Market Surveillance technologies aims to automate many of the manual processes related to analyzing data while avoiding labor-intensive activities so that users, whether a bank, exchange, regulator or supervisor, can detect patterns or potential problems at an earlier stage. 

Beyond market integrity, Nasdaq’s numerous surveillance solutions provide a high level of flexibility. It is available to the users as self-hosted and deployed on the firm’s own hardware or as a managed service or software-as-a-service (SaaS), with Nasdaq providing the architecture and continuous updates. 

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