Nasdaq Purpose Champion: Jennie Pineda on the Meaning of Living with Purpose

At Nasdaq, our purpose is to champion inclusive growth and prosperity. We power stronger economies, create more equitable opportunities, and contribute to a more sustainable world to help our communities, clients, employees and people of all backgrounds reach their full potential. This year, we celebrated our first Inaugural Purpose Week, in which we highlighted those in our communities who are putting Purpose Into Action.

Jennie Pineda

We spoke with Nasdaq Purpose Champion Jennie Pineda, IR insight Client Support for Nasdaq’s Global Corporate Solutions, about living a life of purpose. 

Talk to us about your role at Nasdaq and what it entails. 

 I am with the Client Support team for IR Insight. Our team handles inquiries, training and Onboarding for pooled clients.

How were you first introduced to Nasdaq’s philanthropic efforts? 

Nasdaq is very active in promoting philanthropic efforts, and I started by joining outreach activities sponsored by Nasdaq GoodWorks, wherein we have a day free in lieu of joining.

What are some of the volunteer opportunities you’ve participated in with and outside Nasdaq? 

We went to this fishing village, and once, we also shared a day with kids participating in school activities and games.

When you think of the word “purpose,” what does it mean to you? 

Purpose for me makes life more meaningful. It makes you live life to the fullest, and at the same time, you get to make other people’s lives better. I believe having this attitude, in general, makes it all easier for us in our community. It’s great to co-exist but even better if we do it with compassion and care for others. A little goes a long way, and you never know who’s life you are changing with a simple act of kindness.

What is your advice for people looking to volunteer, especially in a virtual environment? 

I would say, do it with all your heart. Do something that interests you or something you haven’t done before. This will give you a breath of fresh air. Always remember to not expect anything in return, and this is not for popularity or award. The best thing is making another person’s life better, and its domino effect on the entire community is one awesome win for everybody.

What motivates you to volunteer and pay it forward?

I feel so blessed with a loving family. I am surrounded by awesome people who inspire me to be better: a family business and a career at Nasdaq. Life is definitely not perfect, but I always see great things in front of me. I feel that we all deserve this, so I am sharing in my own little way. It makes me feel good to see people go up and have better lives.

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