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Nasdaq NextGen Solutions Fuel Next Wave of Fintech Development

Nasdaq’s NextGen Solutions boosts display and application development for startups, fintechs and evolving firms  

Technology and mobility has dramatically increased individual access to financial markets. This growth, combined with record high levels of individual trading volume, has caused a surge in fintech application development.

Responding to the increased demand for highly-reliable, easily accessible data to fuel this development, Nasdaq constructed NextGen Solutions. These solutions include real-time prices, index data, fund information, and alternative data, designed to meet developing companies and evolving tech leaders at any stage of growth. 

NextGen Client Display: Astontek
Nasdaq was founded to support startups that needed a place to raise capital. NextGen Data Solutions represents our commitment to supporting the entrepreneurial spirit of tech firms. We work with companies at all stages of the growth cycle to ensure they have the resources they need to compete.
Oliver Albers, Senior Vice President and Head of Data for Nasdaq Global Inf

NextGen Solutions is comprised of a robust product suite; some of its most sought-after data sets include: 

  • Nasdaq Basic/Nasdaq Last Sale:An alternative to Level 1 data, providing Nasdaq Last Sale (NLS+) and top-of-book quotations (Nasdaq Basic). 
  • Nasdaq Basic Canada: A cost-effective alternative for Canadian equities data. Combines market data from Nasdaq CXC, CX2 and CXD in a single data feed.
  • Global Index Data Service (GIDS):Real-time streaming index data for Nasdaq Global Indexes, including the flagship Nasdaq-100, Nasdaq Composite, and Nasdaq Biotech Index. 
  • Nasdaq Fund Network (NFN):Daily performance, NAV, valuation, and strategy-level reference data, such as fund asset focus, sector focus and expenses, for more than 35,000 mutual funds, CITs, SMAs and other global investable products. 
  • ESG Data:Environmental, social and governance data for ETFs, stocks and portfolios. Data allows investors to understand the sustainability profile of their portfolio, benchmark against ESG ratings for indices, and access global ETF profiling. 
  • Smart Options:Provides National Best Bid and Offer (NBBO) and last sale data on all U.S.-listed options. Cost-efficient, low-bandwidth alternative to the full Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA) data feed. 
  • Financial News:Premium, unbiased, real-time financial news covering the global markets.  
  • Fundamental Data: Extensive coverage of Short Interest, Corporate Actions, Macro Economics, Holding info and more. Data includes financial statements, security master information, consolidated market statistics, trading summary data and analyst estimates.
  • Thematic Portfolios:Pre-cultivated stock-level portfolios of thematic topics (or “concepts”) as trending themes. Examples include: Work from Home, 5G, Internet of Things, Robotics, and Renewable Energy. 

The last two decades has seen the evolution of start-ups built in garages becoming fintech unicorns, leaders in innovation across investing and research. Nasdaq was there for those companies in the early stages, before they became the market leaders they are today. And today there are other companies developing the tools of tomorrow in a garage, or over a virtual desk, and we will be there for them as well.

NextGen Solutions are available globally and most data is available via a Cloud API through the Nasdaq Cloud Data Service and the Nasdaq Quandl platform, providing ease-of access, scalability and seamless connectivity.  For more information, please visit www.nasdaq.com/NextGen-Solutions



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