Nasdaq Artist in Residence -- Sean Dougherty

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What Ignites Your Ambition?

So many things around me ignite my ambition, but mostly the people I'm surrounded by. Having almost all creatives for friends makes it nearly impossible to slack. We all compel each other to strive for the next level.

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Why is Instagram your medium of choice?

Instagram is such a strong platform. When I moved to New York City three years ago I knew nobody. Now all of the friends I've made is because of this simple app that we all share our passion through. @SeandShoots is Sean's Instagram page and his website is here.

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What turned you on to photography and why do you love to photograph New York?

Photography to me has always been more than just capturing moments. I like details. I like to orchestrate every piece of my image so its exactly the way I see it in my head. I'll wait for hours just focused on one shot, waiting for that splash of water or that perfect subject to walk through my frame. Thankfully, here in New York you don't have to do much waiting. Something wild is usually just around the corner.

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What about the Nasdaq Tower inspires you?

The Nasdaq tower is a symbol of determination. It towers over Time Square hosting not only beautiful campaigns but opening numbers when companies decide to go public. Reaching its screen is a huge honor.

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Times Square is an iconic place to photograph, how did you find a way to capture it differently than other photographers before you?

Approximately 330,000 people pass through Time Square a day, but perspective is key. Going at ridiculous hours of the night when nobody is around doesn't hurt either.

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