Nasdaq Artist in Residence -- Natalie Amrossi

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Our latest Artist in Residence is Natalie Amrossi, @Misshattan. Born and raised in New York, Natalie was an investment banking research specialist that decided to leave the corporate world in order to pursue her passion as a freelance photographer. She has been featured in such publications as the Wall Street Journal, Vogue, and, and has partnered with over 20 distinctive companies. With over 300,000 followers on Instagram, Natalie has a loyal following and a broad fan base. We asked Natalie 5 questions about her inspirations and work for our Nasdaq Artist in Residence campaign:

What Ignites Your Ambition?

I believe that every day is another opportunity to learn something new and grow, not only as an artist but a person too. Being able to see and share the growth within the Instagram community is definitely motivational.

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Why is Instagram your medium of choice?

Growing up, I’ve always been a visual person. I view Instagram as the best visual storytelling platform we have today where I’m easily able to share experiences and my perspective through photography with the world on my mobile device and get instant feedback.

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What turned you on to photography and why do you love to photograph New York?

Photography has always been a passion of mine. Most of the time, I would have a camera in my hand to capture experiences but it wasn’t until my first camera Smartphone that I was really able to grow as a photographer. Being that I had my mobile device with me at all times, the camera was easily accessible. It saved me from carrying a heavy camera all the time yet continued to help me learn the art of photography. My commute to and from work in NYC were always filled with picture taking. I’ve traveled to many places, and still - nothing compares to home. The energy I feel while walking through the New York City streets is incomparable to any other feelings I’ve ever experienced. The city alone is a huge inspiration to me. Being able to photograph it from my perspective is truly special.

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What about the Nasdaq Tower inspires you?

The Nasdaq Tower in Time Square is extremely symbolic to me. I studied finance and my main life goal was to work for a big financial institution and live in Manhattan. After college, I moved to the city and worked at JP Morgan for about 3 years until photography completely took over my mind and I resigned to become a freelance photographer full time.

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Times Square is an iconic place to photograph, how did you find a way to capture it differently than other photographers before you?

Every day is always different. From the frequently changing seasons to the time of day, there is always something new to capture differently than before, especially in an environment like Times Square. We all have our own unique perspective and post processing techniques that could never be duplicated.

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You can see more photos by following Misshattan on Instagram or by visiting her website. Follow Nasdaq on Instagram and stay tuned for our next Artist in Residence!

Natalie Ambrossi 4
Natalie Ambrossi 4

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