Nasdaq Artist in Residence -- Lexi Zozulya

Lexi Zozulya 2

Nasdaq has become an emblem of Times Square, the heart of New York City. Our tower rises above this bustling epicenter that is truly a source of constant inspiration. This inspiration is harnessed each day by various emerging artists throughout the New York City community. We are pleased to highlight these talented photographers who bring a unique perspective to the neighborhood we call home.

Our latest Artist in Residence is Aleksey (Lexi) Zozulya, @ch3m1st. Originally from the Soviet Union, Lexi moved to New York in the 1990’s and got into photography in high school. With a degree in Chemistry, Lexi acts as a chemist of photography by experimenting with a wide variety of techniques, locations and subjects within the city. He is also the lucky winner of the Central-Park photo challenge, which celebrates Central Park’s July 21st, 162nd year birthday. We asked Lexi 5 questions about his inspiration for our Nasdaq Artist in Residence campaign:

Lexi Zozulya 1

What Ignites Your Ambition?

I am inspired by the everyday extraordinary. NYC is a city people dream of and it’s my home. My ambition is just to seek out new experiences and perspectives to share with the world.

Lexi Zozulya 4

Why is Instagram your medium of choice?

It's an unparalleled visual experience with a sense of community and limitless opportunities. I get inspiration and feedback from creatives throughout the world. It's helped me grow into the photographer I am today.

Lexi Zozulya 5

What turned you on to photography and why do you love to photograph Central Park?

I was first exposed to photography as part of a high school chemistry class on the science of film photography. After years of experimentation in techniques it's been an interest of mine for over a decade. In recent years, in part due to my success on Instagram, it's developed into a passion and career goal.

Lexi Zozulya 6

What about the Central Park inspires you?

It is literally an urban oasis. On an island of glass, concrete and steel, it defies the chaos. Yet at the same time it is a man made park. It's a reminder to have balance in life.

Lexi Zozulya 3

Central Park is an iconic place to photograph, how did you find a way to capture it differently than other photographers before you?

My secret weapon is a helicopter. Being a part of the NY on Air team, I regularly join in on the FlyNYON aerial photography experience. It is by far the best way to capture an amazing perspective of NYC.

You can see more photos by following ch3m1st on Instagram or by visiting his website. Follow Nasdaq on Instagram and stay tuned for our next Artist in Residence!

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