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Nasdaq: Artist in Residence: Times Square is known to many as the crossroads of the world. It embodies the beauty in the commotion that is New York City, and radiates an energy that is unparalleled. Situated in the heart of Times Square is the Nasdaq Tower, which represents the confluence and innovation of over 3,000 companies from around the world. The Nasdaq screen and Times Square is captured by many each and every day in photographs, videos, and artistic works. The emerging photographers in the New York City area are each able to offer a different perspective on the beautiful city that Nasdaq calls home. We are pleased to highlight these talented photographers in our Artist in Residence campaign, which features their take on the Nasdaq tower and the inspirations behind their work.

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Our latest Artist in Residence is Danielle Sallah (@bebedowntown). Danielle is a New York-based documentary photographer who began making photographs in 2013. She is a contributing photographer to Street Dreams and Fortune Magazines, and also contributes to many social media accounts. We asked Danielle 5 questions about her inspirations and work for our Exchange of Creativity, Artist in Residence campaign.

What Ignites Your Ambition?

Compassion. Making documentary photographs, which is what I tend toward, requires you to observe someone or something and dig deep for compassion in your observations. I am drawn to that process because I think that most people live ultimately heartbreaking lives. (Um, I'm a happy realist?) So if I see a little of that heartbreak in someone, in expression or demeanor or action or inaction, I respect it and feel it and I want to show it in a beautiful way. Or if I make photographs of a place, Central Park or Grand Central Terminal, for instance, I want to show what it feels like to be there, not just what it looks like--how beautiful those places are even to someone carrying a heavy heart.

Why is Instagram your medium of choice?

It may sound trite, but the Instagram photography community is inordinately accepting. It brings people together across a wide range of sophistication, most of whom encourage one another to be better photographers and even better people. It is a respectful community and I'm grateful for it.

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What turned you on to photography and why do you love to photograph New York?

I began taking pictures to distract my mind from my heart after a breakup. Womp, womp. And I love to photograph New York because New York is a mutt, just like me.

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What about the Nasdaq Tower inspires you?

The Nasdaq Tower, to me, is about aspiration. It reminds me that I can be more than I have been, do more than I have done. It inspires me to aspire!

Times Square is an iconic place to photograph, how did you find a way to capture it differently than other photographers before you?

Wait, who got there before me? Let's see. I suppose many photographers like to capture the awesome energy of Times Square. I like to capture that energy too, but I edit to make you feel a way about it, rather than just see it. When I'm in Times Square, or any place in New York with a lot of action, I become weirdly calm.

I like that contrast. So, in editing, I try to create the impression of a calmer setting, within which the action occurs, by focusing on mood and using simple frames and cooler tones.

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