Nasdaq and NCSA Explore Good Cyber Defense in Recent Cybersecurity Summit

On June 14, Nasdaq hosted the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) for its second of three joint events in 2017. The summit, “Solving People Problems in Cybersecurity: Minimizing Human Error and Building a Robust Workforce,” focused on good cyber defense. The summit drew technical thought leaders to connect and exchange ideas around corporate understanding of risks associated with cybersecurity.

The NCSA and Nasdaq joined forces for an “outside the box” and data-driven discussion about Americans’ cybersecurity knowledge base, how to minimize human error in the workplace, and practical solutions for the looming cyber-workforce crisis.

Chief information security officers and other C-suite executives from Nasdaq-100 clients were in attendance, including Bill O’Connell, Chief Business Security Officer at ADP; Edna Conway, Chief Security Officer, Global Value Chain at Cisco; Neil Daswani, Chief Information Security Officer of the Consumer Business Unit at Symantec; and Avi Rembaum, Vice President, Security Solutions at Check Point.

NCSA Cyber Event June 2017

Michael Kaiser, Executive Director of the National Cyber Security Alliance, moderated a panel at the summit.

Nasdaq conducted a Facebook Live Panel with O’Connell and Conway, in which they exchanged comments on building a culture of cybersecurity and the workforce opportunities it presents. Each executive provided insight on how their companies are taking initiatives to help make staying safe online easier for everyone. Commenting on how to create a message that endorses cybersecurity while also attracting a broader audience, ADP’s Bill O’Connell described how to tailor this message directly to the user:

“The people that are in a service role, in a sales role, how do they do their day and what are those points in which they need to do something more securely…The more that we can tailor it to how it fits into their day, I think it will be better received. We also need to be more creative in the delivery mechanisms, [such as being] more creative, interactive, and showing how it is relevant to them so they want to hear more.”

Cisco’s Conway described how her organization has begun to use positive incentives externally in the value chain to keep cybersecurity relevant to discussion, such as recently introducing the “Security Champion Award”. This award is given to an individual or company who is innovative, has successfully worked on experimentation, and has their eyes open to physical and cybersecurity. Conway noted that this award is designed to encourage better security behavior.

Look out for the third and final 2017 Nasdaq and NCSA summit scheduled for Oct. 15, during NCSA’s National Cyber Security Month.

Watch the replay of the Facebook Live interview here.

Learn more about good cyber defense on Nasdaq’s POINT page, our series for sharing best practices to help companies and their boards prepare for corporate threats.

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