Milestone Maker Candidate: Trevor Cobb

The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center has launched the Milestone Makers Program. The Milestone Makers Program, seeks to help early- to mid-stage entrepreneurs set, hit, and celebrate milestones that drive their businesses forward. Each Monday, we will feature one of the selected candidates in the program's inaugural class. Today, meet Trevor Cobb.

Trevor Cobb
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, California
  • Founders: Trevor Cobb, Ken Voeller

  • Categories: CPG, Travel

  • Website:

Milestone: Getting the product out there to as many potential customers as possible and increase website traffic.

Tell us your name and about your company?

My name is Trevor Cobb I am the Co-Founder of Bramble Outdoor. We create outdoor products that help protect wild places.

What milestone do you dream about reaching in your lifetime as an entrepreneur?

The main milestone that I work towards every day is happiness and contentedness. If I can be happy in my life and in my entrepreneurial journey, then it's a win.

What keeps you going on those tough days?

The thing that really keeps me going and motivated is that next hump. To use the mountaineering analogy, there are a lot of summits on the way to accomplishing our greatest dreams. For me getting up to that next summit, that next rise, and being able to see over to the next challenge is what keeps me motivated.

Is there an early milestone that you reached that filled you with a sense of pride?

There is a quote that we heard that we really live by and that's, "You always throw out your first pancake." An early milestone that was really a huge piece of our success was the first product that we brought to market. We're proud of what we launched but we had to get something out there in the world. We've learned so much from that. If we'd waited until it was perfect and didn't launch anything, then we wouldn't be here today.

How did you celebrate?

It’s important to recognize and appreciate the small victories. If you just wait until the final destination you may never get there. We definitely are pretty careful to acknowledge the work of our team and to get out enjoy the day and make sure we give ourselves time to congratulate the team for those small victories along the way.

What milestone are you working towards throughout the duration of the Milestone Makers Program?

The keys at this phase are distribution and traffic. Getting the product out there to as many potential customers as possible, while driving traffic to the website so that we can continue to optimize our funnel learned from our community.

Can you tell me about Bramble Outdoor and the Products Rooted In Place model that is being implemented?

Essentially our goal is to take the emotional connection to place and translate that feeling into a positive action to purchase a product that gives back to protecting that region. Products Rooted In Place is really our model and what we're trying to do differently. Not only do the stories that come from each product center around a specific region, a portion of proceeds go back to protecting that place. It's a model in a lot of ways the effort is the full circle approach. The place, gives rise to product, the purchasing of that product goes back to protecting that place.

Watch his video here >

About Bramble Outdoor:

Bramble creates essential outdoor gear that helps protect our wild places. Each of our product collections is rooted in an iconic American landscape, and we’re committed to donating 5%of revenue to conservation organizations operating within that region. We make the act of buying outdoor products an act of conservation.

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