Milestone Maker Candidate: Magali Mathieu

The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center has launched the Milestone Makers Program. The Milestone Makers Program, seeks to help early- to mid-stage entrepreneurs set, hit, and celebrate milestones that drive their businesses forward. Each Monday, we will feature one of the selected candidates in the program's inaugural class. Today, meet Magali Mathieu.

Magali Mathieu Milestone Makers

Tell me your name and about your company in ten words.

My name is Magali Mathieu and our business is Atlas, a running application that gives back with every mile.

How did your business come to be?

I am a passionate runner and a social entrepreneur. I was really lucky in a master’s last year to meet Thomas and Ollie, my two co-founders. Thomas had the idea of Atlas while running the 20km de Brussels and we met and automatically synced in terms of our passion for social impact and running. That’s why we are creating a running application where every mile that you run, twenty-five cents is given to nonprofits through corporate sponsorship.

What’s the dream for your business?

The big dream is that every mile taken by anybody will give back to their communities and have an impact. And really to engage people in their day to day lives to understanding what’s happening in their communities.

Where do you find inspiration when faced with challenges?

My biggest inspiration is the team- Thomas and Ollie are my rock and I wouldn’t be able to do it without them. I am also very lucky to be supported by amazing friends and family and a big runner so when something is going on in my head I just have to go for a run. Yoga helps, too.

What is the biggest learning from the journey so far?

The biggest learning is to surrender to the unknown. We never know what’s happening tomorrow, in an hour, in 3 years or next week. So really understanding that it’s ok not to know, and trying to stay positive has been really important.

What does the term milestone signify to you?

I take a milestone pretty literally, in seeing a bunch of stones in the road. Being able to achieve one will lead me to a lot more stones and also lead me to be able to make it happen.

What milestone are you committed to accomplishing by the end of the Milestone Makers Program.

The milestone I am committed to accomplishing is getting our runners launched on the application. That means having a challenge on there with a corporation and a nonprofit while having our runners engaged and excited about the challenge their running for.

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