Milestone Maker Candidate: Anjali Menon

The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center has launched the Milestone Makers Program. The Milestone Makers Program, seeks to help early- to mid-stage entrepreneurs set, hit, and celebrate milestones that drive their businesses forward. Each Monday, we will feature one of the selected candidates in the program's inaugural class. Today, meet Anjali Menon.

Anjali Menon Milestone Makers

Tell me your name and about your company in ten words.

My name is Anjali Menon and I’m the co-founder of Sextant Travel, an app that allows you to discover, save, and ultimately plan trips

How did your business come to be?

Sextant Travel actually started as a passion project. My co-founders and I love to travel. Every time that we go on Facebook we typically see somebody who says, “hey, I’m going to Japan, any recommendations?” We want to live in a world where we never see that again. We want to make trip planning easy and this is our avenue to do that.

What’s the dream for your business?

The ultimate vision for the business is to help folks build trips easily - taking the pain out of trip planning, but even higher level than that I think that travel in and of itself is something that allows borders to be broken, and in today’s environment, travel is sort of the great equalizer. You can’t have ignorance if you’ve gone to travel somewhere else and know how somebody else lives. As they say, “travel is fatal to prejudice.” I think in that sense travel is something that I hope will expand minds. And being able to do that easier will help.

Where do you find inspiration when faced with challenges?

The great thing about building a project that’s your passion is that you find inspiration in that project. That is very much the case for me with Sextant Travel. I love to travel, I love to hike, and when I have problems I literally just go out into nature. I also have very strong mentors in my life including Stacy Brown-Philpot, CEO of TaskRabbit, who is a source of inspiration for me.

What is the biggest learning from the journey so far?

The biggest learning is that attitude is everything. I think that when I met the inaugural class of Milestone Makers, everybody who had a seat at the table was there because they had persisted and pursued their dreams and they hadn’t given up.

What does the term milestone signify to you?

It signifies an incredible accomplishment, something that you persisted at to achieve.

What milestone are you committed to accomplishing by the end of the Milestone Makers Program.

I’m committed to taking Sextant from an alpha product to a beta product and getting it into the iTunes store so that it can be accessible to users. The real goal here is to take something that was originally a passion project, to something real that has tangible benefit. I really hope to use the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center resources to take it from the side project to something real and meaningful.

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