Milestone Maker Candidate: Umesh Tibrewal

The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center has launched the Milestone Makers Program. The Milestone Makers Program, seeks to help early- to mid-stage entrepreneurs set, hit, and celebrate milestones that drive their businesses forward.

The Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center has launched the Milestone Makers Program. The Milestone Makers Program, seeks to help early- to mid-stage entrepreneurs set, hit, and celebrate milestones that drive their businesses forward. Each Monday, we will feature one of the selected candidates in the program's inaugural class. Today, meet Umesh Tibrewal.

Umesh Tibrewal founder of Buzzboard


  • Total Equity Funding: Self-funded
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, California
  • Founders: Umesh Tibrewal
  • Categories: SaaS, Big Data, Enterprise Software
  • Website:


Milestone: We have grown our business to $5M in the last 30 months without outside capital. Now we want to get on track for a $10M run rate, to scale demand generation activity and grow our sales.

Can you tell us your name and about your company?

My name is Umesh Tibrewal. I am the founder and CEO of BuzzBoard. We started this company about two and a half years ago to solve these questions: How can we drive more meaningful conversations between buyers and sellers? How can we bring in data and more insights to impact how people really talk? How can the conversation be shifted from talking about my products and about me and my company, to talking about the custumer -- the custumers pain points and the customer’s needs?

BuzzBoard is all about delivering insights to sales and marketing teams, that can help them drive better conversations with their prospects and customers.

What milestone do you dream about reaching in your lifetime as an entrepreneur?

I would like to figure out a model that I can share with so many other folks who want to become very successful entrepreneurs. What can we do to bring meaning into conversations?

I really would like to use all of the learnings that I’ve had over the years, and the learnings I am going to have over the next few years, and put it all together -- this art into the science of success.

What keeps you going on those tough days?

It’s all about what we are doing, the impact of what we are doing, And how much we could do. I’m personally very, very driven by the scale opportunity that’s in front of our business and how we are touching all of these conversations on a daily basis, on a weekly basis, at all touch points. I’m totally driven by how we are changing the way conversations happen.

Is there an early milestone you’ve reached as an entrepreneur that filled you with pride?

Yes, there have been so many moments to celebrate. There have been some key milestones, like starting BuzzBoard two and a half years ago. Also getting to a point where we have 75% of the top media companies as our customers without doing any major marketing or sales blitzes-- I think that’s a big achievement. The kind of recording revenue runway that we’ve achieved without going for any external funding is also a great celebrative milestone inside our company.

So how do you celebrate those milestones? With your team or with yourself? Is there something you do?

I think there are many ways to celebrate. I treat celebrating as a process, as opposed to an event. Events are good -- we go, we celebrate, we have fun, we drink, we have nice dinners and all of that, but I think if we imbed that celebration into our culture, that breeds more success, gives us reasons to celebrate more, and gives us many more successes to look forward to.

And how do we do that? We do it in many ways -- in ways that impact our internal culture.

[Events] are hygienic empty things and they’re forgotten. Who remembers a drink? Who remembers that $500 dinner? What are those meaningful things that you can do, to make people feel “this is going great, I’m succeeding”? How can we reach out to the families, and include those little thank you notes as part of the ongoing process that we build on? For example, we say okay, we got to this milestone, but can we impact this particular benefit across the company-- in a way that people feel they’ve earned it? There’s small little things that we try to inject everywhere, so as a company, we’re lifted up.

About BuzzBoard:

BuzzBoard helps companies targeting SMBs sell more, faster. We apply data science to generate truly meaningful insights about companies that marketers and sellers use to drive authentic conversations with prospects and customers. Our predictive analytics platform with micro-segmentation technology drives superior outcomes for acquiring new customers, growing existing ones and retaining both.

When used strategically across the entire customer journey, BuzzBoard's Customer Velocity Platform creates more and better opportunities, deeper engagement, more sales,and a shorter sales cycle.

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