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Lessons from Snaphappen 2016: Chris Ayres, Award for Best Newcomer

The world's first Snapchat™ conference, run by the Snapchat community -- Snaphappen took place in the Magic Roundabout in London on September 22nd. The focus of the conference was on utilizing Snapchat to grow a brand or business. All of the lessons were taught by the best in the this genre of social media. Here are some of the award winners who have inspired and influenced other Snapchatters around the world. At the end of event, the first annual "Ghostie" Awards were presented to the best of the best on Snapchat.

This article is a Q&A with Chris Ayres, "Inadequate Chris" -- Winner of the 2016 Ghostie Award for Best Newcomer.

How have you been able to use Snapchat to promote yourself and/or your business?

I've been able to grow my YouTube channel using Snapchat. I make comedy sketches, so I'll upload a 10 second clip of my latest video to Snapchat using the Memories feature and then tell my followers they can view the full video on my YouTube channel.

As an enterprising Snapchatter do you use Snapchat exclusively or other social media platforms to communicate about yourself/brand?

I think it's important to build your brand over multiple platforms. If I were to exclusively use Snapchat, it could close down tomorrow and I'd lose everything I've worked so hard to build. The key is to tell your audience on which other social media sites they can follow you.

What are your thoughts on brands like Nasdaq being active on Snapchat versus other social platforms?

Snapchat feels a lot more intimate, personal and engaging than other social media platforms. As a result, I think businesses like Nasdaq can grow some fantastic brand perception with the app. Huge enterprises can often struggle with a "faceless" image, and Snapchat enables them to connect to the audience on a human level.

Who on Snapchat inspires you? What snapchatters would you recommend following?

Georgio.Copter and Salliasnap are both Snapchat artists, and they're so incredibly creative it almost hurts. They look at the world in a very unique way and it's really inspiring. I'd definitely recommend following them.

What are your best tips for someone just starting out on Snapchat who wants to become an influencer?

Only make stories that make you happy. If you're enjoying your work, it'll shine through and connect with the audience in a real way. If you're looking to become an influencer, you'll need to collaborate with other Snapchatters. Download an app called GhostCodes and find Snapchatters with similar interests to you. Reach out to them and you can mutually grow your viewership by taking over each other's accounts, or giving each other shoutouts.

What do you think is the best way(s) for a brand to use a social media tool like Snapchat

Some brands fall in to the trap of just showing a product and telling the viewer to buy it. A person isn't on snapchat to be sold to - they want to be entertained. Try making fun content that includes the product. For example, instead of just showing your new bike range, get a group of creative people to go on some adventures on these bikes.

How does it feel to have won the first ever Snapchat award in your category

I'm overwhelmed and honoured to have won the first ever "Best Newcomer on Snapchat" award. I was up against some fiercely talented people so it's very flattering. I'm very grateful for everyone that voted for me.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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