Less Stress for Clients Invested in a Model Portfolio

Less Stress for Clients Invested in a Model Portfolio

Natixis Investment Managers and CoreData Research conducted a survey of 11,000 investors. One of the most interesting results was that those who were invested in model portfolios were less stressed, had more confidence, and trust in their advisors relative to individuals not invested in a model portfolio. 


11% of model portfolio clients felt stress while 23% of non-model portfolio investors were stressed. Similarly, 45% of model portfolio investors felt confident about their finances, compared to 24% of non-model investors. Further, 78% of model portfolio investors saw volatility as an opportunity. In contrast, only 47% of non-model portfolio clients felt the same way. 


Only about half of the respondents were invested in a model portfolio despite the benefits. Currently, about 51% of wealth managers and RIAs offer third-party model portfolios. However, it does present an opportunity for advisors as it frees up more time for financial planning, client service, and prospecting. 


Ronnie Colvin, the founder of Fractional Planner, said “Model portfolios make life easier for the advisor because the allocation percentages and the investments in the portfolio are predetermined. So the advisor doesn’t have to go and scour the market for various investments to fill a target allocation.” He added that model portfolios can help with managing risk while also leading to a more customized experience given that there are model portfolios optimized for tax efficiency, sustainability, income, and alternatives.


Finsum: Model portfolios offer certain advantages for clients and advisors according to a survey of investors. These include increased levels of confidence, less stress, and more trust in their advisors. 

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