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Jeron Braxton | Giphy Arts at Nasdaq

Nasdaq has become an iconic symbol in New York City. We find inspiration each day by emerging artists working in the community. We are pleased to highlight these talented artists with their unique and inspiring perspectives.

Jeron Braxton is a 25-year old artist who moved to New York City from Indiana to pursue his dream of making it big in the art world. Jeron has been extremely passionate about art ever since his childhood and made his first GIF at the age of 15 in the year 2009.

Currently, Jeron works as an artist, creating many different forms of art including music videos, animated videos, and video games in addition to GIFs. Before he moved to New York, Jeron studied at Indiana University, earning a bachelor’s degree in liberal arts.

Aside from visual art, Jeron is also passionate about both fashion and music. He is a fan of unique and dynamic cuts of clothing and pastel and neon colors. In terms of music, he regularly produces electronic music, and likes to focus on drum and bass beats.

Jeron Braxton

What was the first GIF you ever created?

“It was this weird sort of polyhedral shape – it was a crystalline shape over water that would spin – it was really abstract – I was learning the software, and learning just how to do GIFs and animation, period. All of my early stuff was very abstract. It was more like music visualizers. I started off with music, so I was making these visualizers for my music.”

What do you like about GIFs?

“I like their looping – I like the cyclical nature of them. You see people get really creative making these loops that you can watch over and over again.”

Do you have a favorite GIF?

“I guess I have a favorite Gif of mine that I made. It’s on my GIPHY page. It’s these big cats, like cheetahs and jaguars that are running.”

Is there a particular GIF that you like to design the most? 

“I like doing ones with transparent backgrounds so that you can turn them into stickers on Instagram and Facebook. Those are cool, I like making those the most. Other than that, just GIFs that are seamless and cool cyclical loops. Those ones are kind of hard to make, but I like them the best. Seamless loops and stickers are the coolest to make for me.”  

What are your thoughts on your GIF being displayed on the Nasdaq tower? 

“That was sick. That was really sick, awfully legendary. Yeah, very cool. I’m a digital artist. So, that is quite an iconic digital platform there. So, you know, it was quite special to me. I thought it was just really, really cool.”

What was your inspiration for the GIF for the Nasdaq tower?

“I like to do really dystopic things and just - the state of the culture right now, and us pulling out of the nuclear arms race – I used a jellyfish because they kind of resemble a mushroom cloud. They are really interesting looking - they are pink and beautiful colors. I wanted something that was cool on the surface, but if you look deeper, you see that it has another meaning.”

How do you think GIFs compare to other forms of art?

They’re very accessibleYou know, they make it easier to transmit information and ideas, so they are quite effective in that regard.”

Do you have any final thoughts about GIFs?

“I hope people just continue to push the boundaries of the technology, because I think it lends itself well for a lot of different functions. You know, people could use GIFs to make comic books that can easily be embedded into websites - they can use GIFs to make cool art pieces. If you look at GIFs from 1998 to GIFs now, a lot of them didn’t even move. They were just using them because it was an efficient way to load and embed images on websites. Now to think of a GIF that doesn’t move – you wouldn’t even think it was a GIF. I hope people keep their minds open to what a GIF can be and what it can do and just stay creative with it.”

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