Jeff Clark’s Market Minute: Oil Is Setting Up for Another Big Move

The last time , a barrel of the gooey black stuff was trading for about $51 – down about 15% from its Independence Day high near $60. We figured the price weakness was giving traders a chance to buy cheap oil just before the traditional pre-Labor Day rally.

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Sure enough… Oil rallied about 10% over the next three weeks and bullish traders profited as “Big Oil” once again gouged consumers at the pump right in front of a summertime holiday.

Now, oil is setting up for another big move. This time, though, it has less to do about holiday-inspired price gouging, and more to do about the technical setup.

Look at this chart of West Texas Intermediate Crude Oil ($WTIC)…

This chart is forming a consolidating triangle pattern (the blue lines) – which is a series of lower highs and higher lows. This back and forth action, within a tighter and tighter range, allows all the various moving averages to coil together – thereby building up energy to fuel the next big move.

The chart is approaching the apex of the triangle pattern. So, we’re likely to see the price of oil break out of this pattern, one way or the other, within the next few days.

Which way will she go?

You might as well flip a coin. There’s no way to tell for sure ahead of time. The best strategy with these patterns is usually to wait for the breakout, and then place your bet in the direction of that move – because it’s likely to be a big move.

The height of the triangle, which is the distance between the support and resistance lines at the start of the pattern, is about $7. So, that’s the expected move in the price of oil once we get the breakout.

If oil breaks out to the upside of this pattern, then the target measures to about $63 per barrel. If the breakout is to the downside, then oil could drop to $50 or so.

Either of those moves could generate nice, quick profits for traders who catch it early enough.

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