IPO or No?

IPO or No NPM October 2015

Private or Public?

Staying private or going public is one of the many growth steps that a successful private company faces at some point along their business journey. Should they consider an IPO or forego going public?

Many companies have decided to take the IPO route, but lately via many other avenues, successful private companies are foregoing or delaying a public offering in order to continue their path forward without the watchful eye of analysts and shareholders.

All About Control of the Company

As Jeff Thomas, Vice President of NASDAQ Private Market recently stated, “In the end, it’s all about control.” Thomas noted that due to a change in regulatory, financial policies and as well as cultural views, the opportunity to remain private while at the same time acquiring much-needed cash-infusions has become easier for start-ups and other privately-held firms.

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Carine Schneider
Carine Schneider

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