Investor Support for ESG Varies by Age and Wealth

Investor Support for ESG Varies by Age and Wealth

According to a new research survey by Stanford University, investor support for ESG and their willingness to potentially lose money on ESG causes varied by age, wealth, and specific ESG issues. The survey found that investors 58 years old and over were the least likely to support ESG objectives in general, while investors between the ages of 18 and 41 were the most likely to put their savings at risk to support various ESG initiatives. More than one-third of younger investors said they would be willing to lose 11% to 15% of their retirement if that meant encouraging companies to have gender and racial diversity mirroring the general population. Only 3% of the older investors said they would forfeit the same amount for those goals. Two-thirds of older investors said they were unwilling to lose any money to support diversity. Stanford also found that wealthier young investors were the biggest ESG champions. Young investors with at least $250,000 would be willing to lose about 14% of their retirement savings, while young investors with savings less than $50,000 said they would only be willing to lose 6%. In terms of specific ESG issues, the survey found that investors cared more about environmental issues than social issues and governance.

Finsum:A recent ESG survey conducted by Stanford found that wealthy younger investors are more willing to potentially lose money on ESG initiatives than older or less wealthy individuals.

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