Investment Clues from the President's Twitter Feed

Jeff Kilburg, Founder & CEO of KKM Financial and CNBC Contributor, joined Jill Malandrino on Nasdaq #TradeTalks to discuss President Trump’s tweeting habits and the opportunities they create for investors.

President Trump does not shy from using his Twitter account, and at times the markets have reacted to the messaging in the tweets. Investors and traders now have to look risks due to tweeting activity. A recent example was the futures' market reaction to President Trump’s tweet about placing tariffs on certain products from China.

There are 3 types of investors and traders who may be able to benefit from a Tweet storms. These include:

  1. The longer-term investor who is waiting for a more attractive entry point on a particular stock. They may get that opportunity if a tweet sends the market lower;
  2. Futures traders trying to capitalize on overnight markets; and
  3. Options traders that are taking advantage of the up-and-down moves in volatility.

Watch the TradeTalk’s clip below to learn more about how the market reacts with regard to the President's Twitter use.

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