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Intelia Embraces Better Governance with Nasdaq Partnership

Intelia will provide its clients with access to Nasdaq Boardvantage.

Nigerian software company Intelia is working to improve global governance practices by partnering with Nasdaq Governance Solutions to provide its clients with access to Nasdaq Boardvantage®, a board portal and collaboration software solution.

"We consider it an opportunity to empower companies in Nigeria and Ghana with the technology needed to elevate their corporate governance,” said Udoka Uzoka, founder and CEO of Intelia. 

Intelia, which is based in Lagos, is a data-first software company, focused on artificial intelligence to power solutions. The company is known for its use of data science to de-risk software delivery by tracking performance and velocity in near real-time. Intelia’s clients include retail giant Walmart, Japanese conglomerate Sony, DreamWorks Animation and beer-maker Heineken, among others. 

“As a technology company, we are thrilled about the robustness, scalability, and security-first provisions of Nasdaq Boardvantage, which companies of varying sizes need to compete at the highest level," said Uzoka.

Nasdaq Boardvantage allows directors to securely manage their board, committee and meeting materials efficiently across desktop, tablet and smartphone applications. Board members can participate in meetings remotely, use in-app messaging and electronically sign agreements.

“Forward-thinking executives and governance professionals in the region are seeking new ways to elevate their corporate governance practices,” said Mike Bartels, head of Nasdaq Governance Solutions. “We are pleased to bring our next-generation governance technology to companies in Nigeria and Ghana through our partnership with Intelia.”

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