"The Institutional ETF Toolbox" [Nasdaq Reads Series]

This episode of Nasdaq Reads featured an interesting discussion with Eric Balchunas, the author of "The Institutional ETF Toolbox: How Institutions Can Understand and Utilize the Fast-Growing World of ETFs." The book is available on Amazon.com.

Institutional ETF Toolbox

Balchunas is a Senior ETF Analyst and Funds Product Specialist at Bloomberg. At Bloomberg, he writes ETF research on the Bloomberg terminal. Additionally he assists in designing and promoting new ETF functionality. He appears weekly on Bloomberg TV and Radio on a show called "ETF Friday." On this show he discusses different ETFs and the way investors can utilize them.

The author's goal in writing the book was to provide both an ETF reference and a resource to the institutional investor community. He includes a variety of real-world market examples to drive his points across and to provide overall context for the reader. The book covers an examination of the advantages and growth of ETFs as well as current and future uses of ETFs, emerging markets, and the strategic and tactical perspectives needed to effectively use ETFs.

To watch the episode, click this link or click on the video box below.

ERIC BALCHUNAS is a senior ETF analyst at Bloomberg, where he has over a decade of experience working with ETF data, designing new functions and writing ETF research for the Bloomberg terminal. He also writes articles, feature stories and blog posts on ETFs for Bloomberg.com and appears each week on Bloomberg TV and Radio to discuss ETFs. You can find his articles here: http://www.bloomberg.com/authors/ADUgYkp2OlE/eric-balchunas

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