Indonesian Presidential Frontrunners Are Wooing GenZ Voters with Web3

2024 is a bumper year for elections with more than 60 countries set to go to the polls, according to Statista. In many countries, candidates are seeking to woo the younger generations, who are seen as key to securing a win. In Indonesia, where citizens are due to cast their ballots on Wednesday, February 14, candidates are taking novel approaches to attract the attention of an increasingly influential Gen Z population – including the launch of a Web3 gamified education platform by the campaign behind current frontrunner and Defense Minister, Prabowo Subianto. 

While the youth vote will play a critical role in many of the 2024 elections, young Indonesians will undoubtedly be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing the next president of the world’s third-largest democracy. Over half of all eligible voters are aged under 40, while those under 30 years old account for one-third of the electorate. Therefore, candidates have been pulling out all the stops to make sure they are reaching this key demographic. 

Prabowo Subianto is currently leading the polls, having selected 36-year-old mayor of Surakarta and son of the current incumbent Gibran Rakabuming Raka as his running mate. This makes Gibran the youngest-ever vice-presidential candidate in the nation’s history.

THE DUO Doubles Down on Web3

Back in December, Gibran informed attendees at a political gathering that the campaign was planning to focus on technology education as a way of increasing opportunities for younger people. Signaling a commitment to Web3 technologies, he stated: “We are preparing blockchain experts, we are preparing cyber security experts, we are preparing crypto experts.” 

Now, just as the nation is set to go to the polls, the Prabowo-Gibran campaign has launched “Konco Kulo Gibran: THE DUO,” a gamified education platform aimed at engaging Gen Z. In launching the initiative, the campaign has teamed up with Web3 infrastructure provider Saakuru Labs, leveraging the capabilities of its gas fee-free blockchain. Saakuru Labs also works with renowned partners in the EdTech field, including Crypto RunBitDegree, and ERM Labs

The platform is designed as a user-friendly app that citizens can download to play games, earn NFTs, and stay connected to the Prabowo-Gibran campaign. Animated figures of the two candidates, dubbed “THE DUO,” are emblematic of the overall theme of the platform. 

While the move is undoubtedly designed to drive short-term engagement ahead of the election, it’s also part of a more strategic, long-term effort on the part of the candidates. Speaking of the launch, they were quoted as saying: “This initiative is key to reaching Indonesia’s younger generation, exposing them to high-tech, and engaging them in opportunities that harness their potential.”

The Konco Kulo Gibran initiative is part of a broader program run by Prabowo-Gibran titled “HILIRISASI DIGITAL.” The program aims to ensure active participation in advanced technology applications and offer Indonesian children access to learning and career opportunities in global technology sectors. It was developed as a contribution to the nation’s “Golden Indonesia 2045” vision, which was conceived by current President Joko Widodo as a plan for making Indonesia “sovereign, advanced, fair, and prosperous” by its centennial year, 2045. 

A Changing Political Landscape

The Prabowo-Gibran campaign is relatively progressive in its approach to using Web3 technologies as a way to engage younger voters. However, theirs could prove to be a case study for politicians elsewhere around the globe who are seeking to improve their electoral chances in 2024 or beyond. 

A survey released in December by Grayscale Investments found that 73% of U.S. voters think that presidential candidates should have an informed viewpoint on innovative technologies like AI or crypto. The results appear to give credence to the fact that the increasing influence of millennials and Gen Z in the electoral process is putting more pressure on politicians to demonstrate their tech-savvy credentials – a trend that’s only likely to continue as more of the younger generation becomes eligible to vote.

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