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For billions of people across the world, the one medical condition that sends a shiver down our spines is cancer. And while the search for a cure is ongoing, one of the best methods of attack is early screening. That’s where cancer diagnostics specialist 20/20 GeneSystems comes into play, which combines medicine and artificial intelligence to promote positive health outcomes. Unsurprisingly, many have sought to invest in 20/20 GeneSystems stock due to its massive upside potential.

a model of a cancer attacking a double helix of DNA

Based in Rockville, Maryland, 20/20 GeneSystems is a blood diagnostics company that uses a proprietary system to find early signs of multiple cancers, including that of the lung, liver and pancreas. Unlike other testing platforms, 20/20 leverages AI and data science, taking blood samples and juxtaposing them with a database comprised of multiple patients. In this manner, the company is better able to predict whether certain biological markets represent risk factors for cancer.

Furthermore, demand is only growing for such diagnostics technology. According to Grand View Research, the cancer diagnostics market may hit nearly $250 billion by 2026. Furthermore, notable figures in the business world, including Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, have invested millions to promote blood-based oncological screening.

Despite the competition, the reason the general public has chosen to invest in 20/20 GeneSystems stock is the AI element. According to the company’s SeedInvest profile, 20/20 could be “the world’s first cancer screening blood test powered by a machine learning algorithm built from data from tens of thousands of individuals screened yearly in a real-world clinical setting.”

This integrated methodology gives patients extra confidence in their diagnosis. Rather than just detecting certain markers, 20/20’s system incorporates multiple variables, including clinical databanks and individual patient history and behaviors. By analyzing several factors that would be virtually impossible for any human to assess within a reasonable time frame, the biotechnology firm can provide critical, life-saving information quickly.

Even a Pandemic Can’t Stop 20/20 GeneSystems Stock

As you know, the world came to a standstill earlier this year due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. With a mystery virus spreading across the globe, many government bodies instituted lockdowns. That disrupted many biotech firms as the broader healthcare system began accommodating Covid-19 patients.

Rather than wait out this crisis, though, 20/20 GeneSystems got straight to work. Utilizing an antibody laboratory test developed by Roche (OTCMKTS:RHHBY), 20/20 sold over 70,000 rapid blood tests for Covid-19, generating over $1.2 million in revenue over a one-month period.

But unlike other pivots that we’ve seen from biotech and pharmaceutical companies, 20/20’s move arguably carries more substance. As I mentioned above, the company specializes in integrating AI and machine learning with traditional clinical tests, thereby improving overall accuracy.

Applying the same concept, 20/20 began building a database of Covid-19 cases, thereby improving the quality of its diagnostic measures. And this may come in handy over the next several weeks as the novel coronavirus and the flu season collide.

According to information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, new daily Covid-19 cases have been steadily rising since Sept. 8. Moreover, President Donald Trump’s illness has brought alarm to the medical community. Forget the politics, the harsh reality is that the most protected person in the world couldn’t be saved from the coronavirus.

Obviously, this indicates that the coronavirus does not discriminate. It will attack anyone. More importantly, though the coronavirus impacts people in various ways. To get a better understanding of this virus, we need not only testing but smart diagnostics. And that’s why the case to invest in 20/20 GeneSystems stock only got stronger because of this unprecedented crisis.

Despite Promise, There Are Risk Factors to Consider

While 20/20 GeneSystems stock is one of the brightest names among SeedInvest’s equity crowdfunding offers, it’s not without risks. First and foremost, every investor of private equity names should be aware that 90% of startups fail.

Furthermore, the biotech space is an incredibly volatile one. Frankly, many startups in this sector collapse because management fails to recognize that both the science and the finances have to come together. Here, it appears that 20/20 GeneSystems stock is in good hands. First, the underlying company raised over $5.5 million in previous equity crowdfunding rounds. Second, the science is not only credible but lifesaving.

Nevertheless, I encourage prospective buyers to set aside the marketing brochures and ask careful questions. After all, it is your money. As well, equity crowdfunding opportunities tend to be far less liquid than other investments. Therefore, you may be “stuck” with 20/20 GeneSystems stock for a while.

In terms of specific risks, it’s important to note that 20/20 isn’t alone in the cancer diagnostics space. For instance, Nikkei Asia reported last year that Japan materials group Toray Industries (OTCMKTS:TRYIY) applied for a fast-track government approval “to sell a cancer screening test that requires only one drop of blood.”

Why does this matter? You need to know that 20/20 wouldn’t be alone in what could be a highly competitive market.

Homegrown Medical Innovation

Despite the risks, several investors have already decided to invest in 20/20 GeneSystems stock for good reason. As a homegrown medical diagnostics indicator, it’s providing a necessary service. Plus, it’s a feel-good story, potentially helping to save millions of lives from the ravages of cancer.

And because of its popularity, if you want to invest in 20/20 GeneSystems stock, you need to hurry: The current equity crowdfunding round closes on Oct. 30.

On the date of publication, Josh Enomoto did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article.

A former senior business analyst for Sony Electronics, Josh Enomoto has helped broker major contracts with Fortune Global 500 companies. Over the past several years, he has delivered unique, critical insights for the investment markets, as well as various other industries including legal, construction management, and healthcare.

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