How to Play Tech for 6% Dividends and 300% Upside

By Michael Foster

New funds are rare in the closed-end fund (CEF) world. But thereaEURtms a new kid on the block throwing off a monthly 6% dividend. Today weaEURtmre going to run through this new fund to see if it might have a place in your portfolio.

6% Dividends and Netflix-Like GrowthaEUR"in 1 Fund

IaEURtmm talking about the BlackRock Science and Technology Trust II (BSTZ), launched in mid-May of this year.

The unique thing about BSTZ is right in its name: itaEURtms no stodgy income play: its portfolio is packed with some of the fastest-growing tech plays out there.

IaEURtmm not talking about Apple (AAPL), Netflix (NFLX) or Facebook (FB). Instead, BSTZ focuses on off-the radar companies whose biggest growth lies ahead, like payment processor Square (SQ) and Twilio (TWLO), a communication platform many big companies already depend on.

ThataEURtms in contrast to many tech funds, which start and stop with the well-trodden territory of FAANGaEUR"Facebook, Apple, Amazon (AMZN), Netflix and Google (Alphabet [GOOGL]).

The Next Apple? ItaEURtms Likely in Here.

Source: BlackRock

Twilio is a great example. Its stock price has more than tripled since the start of 2018, and management feels thereaEURtms plenty more to come:

A 6% Dividend Plus Gains Like This

The next question is obvious: as none of these companies pays a dividend, whataEURtms BSTZaEURtms plan for maintainingaEUR"and growingaEUR"its 6% income stream? Simple: it will sell these stocks when management feels theyaEURtmre overvalued and buy when it senses a bargain. The profits then roll out to us in the form of that 6% dividend.

The strategy works because these are the kind of firms that, despite their small size, rely on their own cash flow to drive growth. TheyaEURtmre also the kinds of stocks that can get overbought quickly, giving BSTZaEURtms tech-savvy analysts the chance to sell at a premium.

Can a Growth-Focused Dividend Strategy Work? Absolutely.

The concern here, from a dividend investoraEURtms point of view, is also obvious: can BSTZ keep paying out dividends by rotating in and out of tech stocks?

To answer this, letaEURtms look at a competing fund: the Columbia Seligman Premium Tech Fund (STK). While the management team is different, the strategy is similar: find high-quality, fast-growing companies and buy them up.

A Tech Portfolio Focused on Quality

Source: Columbia Threadneedle Investments

As you can see, STKaEURtms portfolio has gotten a little more conservative lately, with a shift from smaller growth companies toward big names like Alphabet and Apple. But donaEURtmt be fooled: most of the portfolio is still focused on fast-growing companies like Synopsys (SNPS) and Teradyne (TER). STK is an aggressive tech growth fund, just like BSTZ.

One difference? History. While BSTZ held its IPO a few months ago, STK has been around for a decade. Which is why its past is helpful in understanding BSTZaEURtms future.

Namely: was STK able to maintain dividends throughout its history by buying and selling tech stocks? Yes.

Steady PayoutsaEUR"and More

Not only has STK maintained its distributions, which yield a whopping 8.8%, but itaEURtms even paid special dividends in recent years, meaning it has been an even bigger income producer.

I expect the same from BSTZ, but with even bigger gains, thanks to its more aggressive strategy of buying younger, faster-growing companies before the rest of the world is aware of their true potential.

8.8% Dividends and Fast 20% UpsideaEUR"in Your Income Portfolio?

BSTZ offers something all of us want but few people think is possible: a healthy dividend and fast upside from your income investments.

ItaEURtms the investment holy grail! Because with your income stream secure, any growth you can squeeze from this corner of your portfolio is gravy.

Free money. Pure and simple.

Too bad most peopleaEURtms advisers tell them this dream is impossible. But not only is it possible, itaEURtms easy with CEFs.

But BSTZ, promising as it is, isnaEURtmt our best play now.

For one, its dividend is lower than IaEURtmd like. With CEFs, itaEURtms easy to bag safe 7%+ payouts, often paid out monthly. And second, because itaEURtms a new fund, the hype has yet to die down: BSTZ trades at a 10% premium to its NAV (or the value of the stocks in its portfolio).

I donaEURtmt know about you, but IaEURtmm not fussy about paying $1.10 for every dollar of a fundaEURtms assets. I donaEURtmt care how skilled its management team is!

28% Total Returns Waiting for You Here

ThataEURtms why IaEURtmm pounding the table on 4 other CEFs now: they yield an average 8.8% today, and they all trade at huge discounts to NAV.

The bottom line?

I fully expect 20%+ price upside from all 4 of these new picks, in addition to their huge dividend yields. Add it up and youaEURtmre looking at 28%+ total returns by this time next year, including their massive payouts and upside potential.

IaEURtmve put everything you need to know about these 4 amazing income-and-growth plays in a new special report thataEURtms yours free today. Simply click here to get your copy and discover everything you need to knowaEUR"names, tickers, dividend yields, current discounts and moreaEUR"to start tapping these stout 8.8% dividends now.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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