How To Make An Impact In Ten Weeks With Fiona Halpin

Fiona Halpin

This year, we are doing Nasdaq’s annual internship program a little differently. As we navigate the novel COVID-19 pandemic, we have turned circumstance into a learning opportuniy for interns joining us this year to participate in meaningful and long-term projects. Through the Nasdaq Futures Internship Program, we offer a variety of professional experiences for emerging talent through an immersive 10 to 12-week virtual internship program.

From Stockholm to the U.S., meet few of the bright minds joining us digitally from all around the world. They are playing integral, hands-on roles to help Nasdaq Rewrite Tomorrow.

Today, we speak with Fiona Halpin, a Data Products Intern for Global Information Services and student at Hanken School of Economics graduating with a degree in International Strategy and Sustainability.

Tell us a little bit more about the department you sit with and your role at Nasdaq.

I am part of Nasdaq’s Data & Information Services team in Europe, which is responsible for the market data and information products that Nasdaq offer. In addition to proprietary information coming from the exchanges, the team has developed new products in Precious Metals, Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG), and Sustainability. I sit “virtually” with the GIS team in Copenhagen, Denmark.

As a Data Product Intern, I am a part of the ESG team. Nasdaq continues to focus on sustainability and I am helping in improving the ESG Data Portal by speaking directly to companies and assisting in reporting their data. I collect data from Finnish companies, in particular the medium and small cap. In addition, I am helping the Fixed Income team with the Nasdaq Sustainable Bond Network (NSBN).

Why were you eager to do an internship at Nasdaq?

There are several reasons why I am excited to be part of Nasdaq’s internship program. Firstly, my passion is to combine sustainability and technology in the work that I do – Nasdaq encompasses this perfectly, as they are a technology company that includes sustainability into their strategy, where all environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues that affect the business, operations and internal and external stakeholders are considered. To be part of a global company that strives to create an impact and advocate ESG practices in the marketplaces and communities is an invaluable experience. Furthermore, Nasdaq’s ESG Data Portal was included in the scope of my Master’s thesis. I consider myself lucky to get to put my academic knowledge into practice and continue to learn throughout practical work.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned about working here and on your team?

Everything about the Nasdaq Sustainable Bond Network has been the newest and most interesting thing. I think it is an incredible initiative. For example, having the ownership to independently reach out to issuers and onboard them has been a great learning experience.

Tell us about the most exciting project you’ve worked on so far.

Two projects have really stood out to me: the ESG Data Portal and the Nasdaq Sustainable Bond Network. The ESG Portal has been exciting because I am happy to be able to reach out to companies that have not been included the previous years. Additionally, I am very excited by the NSBN, as it is a great initiative where I believe that Nasdaq will continue to grow as an industry leader. I am proud to have been part of an organization at the forefront of sustainable innovation.

What do you hope to accomplish by the end of your time here?

By the end of my time at Nasdaq there are three main milestones I have set for myself:

  • Collect data for all Nasdaq listed Finnish companies for the ESG Data Portal
  • Onboard at least three issuers to the NSBN (on my own initiative)
  • Support in resolving how the EU Taxonomy can be applied to the ESG Data portal

Your advice for interns next year:

Be courageous and proactive with an open and curious mindset. Take advantage of learning from all the different departments and seek to participate in diverse projects. It is incredible how much you can learn during ‘just’ 10 weeks!

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