How Nasdaq and Sonos Partnered to Redesign the Sound of the Nasdaq Bell

The sound of the bell ringing to open the stock market is one of the most iconic and enduring moments in the financial world. Every market open and close at Nasdaq MarketSite in Times Square in New York City is celebrated by a bell ringing ceremony, a symbolic gesture that can mark a special occasion such as an IPO, a milestone, a message, and more.

Sonos, known for its premium, wireless home sound system and obsessive focus on sound, is bringing its unique expertise to Nasdaq by redesigning the sound of the bell. The debut of the new sound coincides with Sonos celebrating its IPO; it is now listed on Nasdaq under the ticker symbol SONO.

According to Sonos:

Sonos Sound Experience Lead Giles Martin and Academy Award-winning sound engineer Chris Jenkins worked with Nasdaq on the project. Experimenting with different instruments and techniques, our sound engineers artfully created a bell that both honors Nasdaq's roots as a disruptor and speaks to our shared commitment to the pursuit of innovation, knowledge and improvement.

Listen to the new Nasdaq bell sound here:

As the company worked with Nasdaq to reimagine the sound of the bell, they saw it as an opportunity to make their mark on the markets:

The new bell is a reflection of how Nasdaq sees the world differently, the sense of achievement their guests feel when ringing the bell, and a signal of the trading day through this iconic sound. It celebrates Sonos becoming a public company. It tells the world that we take sound seriously and deeply value the listening experience. Most of all, it represents both companies' vision for continued, relentless pursuit of what's possible.

While stock market bells have a long history, they weren't always bells. Gavels and gongs were used in the 1800s, and the ringing of the bells were the domain of exchange managers, not special guests. As the markets themselves have evolved over the years, so have the bell ringing ceremonies and the sound that accompanies them. With Nasdaq’s focus on endless possibilities, no detail is too small to rethink, especially one as significant as the signal of the trading day.

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