How Much It Costs To Have a 5-Day Trip in These Caribbean Countries

In a recent GOBankingRates survey, 41% of respondents said that if money was no object, they'd travel to Honolulu, Hawaii. However, east coasters will often opt to vacation in the beautiful Caribbean islands instead, which is about a four-hour plane ride as opposed to the 11-hour flight to Hawaii.

That's not the only reason to visit the Caribbean, though.

"When it comes to exotic travel destinations, the Caribbean is one of the most popular choices people make to enjoy the always-summery weather, soak in some sun and relax on the picture-perfect beaches," says Mercedes Zach, travel expert at ASAP Tickets.

Though the Caribbean has a lot to offer, Zach assures customers that traveling there doesn't have to break the bank. "Some might think that a vacation in the Caribbean is something only luxury travelers can afford, but the truth is that among over 5,000 islands, reefs and cays there is something for every taste and budget."

Here's how much you can expect to spend when taking a five-day trip to the Caribbean, and some expert tips on how to save.

Aerial view of tropical island beach, Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic

The D.R. has plenty of sights to see and beaches to lounge at. Plus, it's one of the more affordable places to go in the Caribbean. Justin Albertynas, CEO of Ratepunk, says that round-trip flights from major U.S. cities to the D.R. can range from $300-$700 per person, and you can save a lot on lodging if you know what to look for.

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"Budget travelers can find affordable guesthouses, hostels or vacation rentals starting from $30-$70 per night," Albertynas says. He added that midrange hotels and resorts can range from $70-$150 per night, while luxury resorts can go upward of $200 or more per night. 

As far as food, you can find pretty cheap eats. "Budget travelers can find affordable local eateries or street food stalls, with meals averaging around $5-$15 per person," Albertynas says. "Restaurants in touristy areas or higher-end establishments can range from $15-$50 per person."

People enjoy Doctor's Cave Beach, a famous, white, sandy beach in Montego Bay Jamaica on a sunny day.


Jamaica offers the chance to visit beautiful falls, as well as attractions like the Bob Marley Museum. And of course, there's no shortage of beaches. Tanisha Mackin, host and executive producer at Tanisha's Traveling Bag, says traveling to Jamaica will cost about $2,500-$3,000 a person. According to her, you can score pretty cheap flights to Jamaica depending on the airline.

"[You can spend] as low as $150 round trip if you're using Frontier or Spirit Airlines. Delta and American Airlines are also good options. You can get a round-trip ticket between $350-$400," Mackin says. 

For places to stay, Mackin estimates the cost at about $500 a night for an all-inclusive five-star resort with upgrades, including an on-call butler. However, Mackin says you can save by opting for a vacation rental. "They often come with amenities like kitchens, washers and dryers, which can help you save [additional] money on food and laundry."

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The Bahamas

Many flock to the Bahamas to climb up the Queen's Staircase, dip their toes in the water at the beach or visit one of the island's breathtaking national parks. Mackin says the price of visiting the Bahamas is slightly cheaper than going to Jamaica, at $2,000-$3,000 a person. You can also look for free things to do, which Mackin says are plentiful in the Caribbean. "Take advantage of free activities such as swimming, sunbathing and hiking."

Mackin notes the average cost of a round-trip flight from the U.S. can be as low as $150-$250, depending on the season. For accommodations, you can expect to spend about $250-$400 per night at a four-star hotel. Food, entertainment and dining will run you $50-$75 a person each day.



Visit Rihanna's home turf and take in the caves, gardens and beautiful water Barbados has to offer. Albertynas points out that flights might be a little more expensive than other cities on this list. "From major U.S. cities, the prices can range from $400-$800 per person for budget airlines, $800-$1,500 for midrange airlines and over $1,500 for luxurious airlines."

Albertynas adds that budget travelers should expect to spend around $50-$100 per night, while midrange travelers will spend about $150-$300 per night. Luxurious travelers will spend more than $300. You can save on dining if you stay off the beaten path. "In the cheapest places, you'll find meals for around $10-$20 per person. Restaurants in touristy areas can range from $20-$50 for a meal," Albertynas says. 

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Methodology: GOBankingRates surveyed 1,056 Americans aged 18 and older from across the country on between March 17 and March 20, 2023, asking eight different questions: (1) How much did you spend on your last vacation?; (2) How did you pay for your last vacation?; (3) Did you stay within your budget on your last vacation?; (4) What part of the trip cost you more than you thought it would?; (5) In 2023, what's your biggest obstacle to traveling more?; (6) What do you overspend on at airports?; (7) Which popular U.S. destination would you travel to first if money was no object?; and (8) How much do you plan to spend on summer travel this year?. GOBankingRates used PureSpectrum's survey platform to conduct the poll.

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