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How Issuers Are 'Doing More on Their Own' to Address Their Top Challenge: Managing Corporate Access

How Issuers Are “Doing More on Their Own' to Address Their #1 Challenge: Managing Corporate Access

Investor Relations Forum

By Tim Trombetta, Senior Advisor – Investor Outreach

Nasdaq hosted 70 IR professionals for our 4th annual Investor Relations Forum at MarketSite, Nasdaq’s Midtown Headquarters. World-class panelists Elizabeth Librizzi, Head of Corporate Access at AllianceBernstein, Matthew Cherry, SVP of Investor Relations at Brookfield Properties and CEO Radek Barnert from WeConvene joined our panel, “Navigating an Evolving Corporate Access Environment” hosted by Brian Reynolds, Vice President Nasdaq IR Intelligence.

Attendees benefitted from a broad range of perspectives; buy-side, issuer and technology provider. The panelists weighed in on the rising pressure on issuers to do more on their own. AllianceBernstein’s Elizabeth Librizzi commented on that buy-side firms, like her own, are making the investment in facilitating direct connections with issuers in a chaotic world.

General consensus amongst panelists was “doing more on your own” is forcing IROs to measure efficiency and return on investment (ROI) of investor marketing. The panelists commented that “doing more on your own” can be as simple as picking up the phone or leveraging technology, either way the investor outreach game has changed forever.

Further to the point of efficiency, there was a common consensus at the IR Forum that issuers are finding ways to extract more value from conference attendance. Some ideas mentioned by the panelists were: getting coffee with an investor down the street from the conference or using the trip to do direct-to-investor meeting outside of the event.  

Main takeaway from the “Navigating an Evolving Corporate Access Environment” panel was the importance of meeting the right people at the right time has never been more important. At Nasdaq, we wake up everyday to support issuers. In the face of the evolving buy-side and sell-side landscape, we marry capital markets Advisors with Nasdaq proprietary data to help issuers tell their best story. This is our north star.

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