How Advisors Can Harness the Growth Story of India

Registered investment advisors are likely hearing plenty about the performance of India stocks and related ETFs. That stands to reason because over the past three years, the MSCI India Index nearly kept pace with the S&P 500 while crushing the MSCI Emerging Markets Index.

India is now the world’s most populous country. And expectations abound that its rapid economic growth could make it the third-largest economy by 2030. But there are compelling reasons for advisors to consider tactical allocations to this economic juggernaut. Advisors seeking ideas and strategies regarding exposure to the country should consider attending the May 21 webcast “An Advisor’s Guide to Investing in India’s Growth.”

Vettafi's Head of Research Todd Rosenbluth will be joined on the webcast by two experts from VanEck. They are Angus Shillington, deputy portfolio manager, and JP Lee, product manager.

What’s in Store on the Webcast

For advisors mulling India allocations, the May 21 webcast is pertinent because the current landscape of ETFs is expansive. Many of these funds are not carbon copies of each other. Some are better suited for prosaic exposure to stocks from this country. That’s working well, as highlighted by the aforementioned performance of the MSCI India Index.  But there are avenues through which outcomes can be boosted.

Lee and Shillington will discuss investment strategies including the VanEck India Growth Leaders ETF (GLIN) and the VanEck Digital India ETF (DGIN). Many advisors may be aware that the country has favorable demographics and a booming e-commerce/online retail industry. But they might not know that many old-guard India ETFs don’t adequately capitalize on those trends. DGIN does. Those are among the reasons why the fund gained 34.19% over the past year while the MSCI India Index returned 29.78%.

DGIN is increasingly relevant at a time when India’s digitization efforts are following a path more comparable to the U.S. with little resemblance to China. That indicates the ETF could be an interesting option for risk-tolerant clients with long investing horizons.

GLIN, which turns 14 years old in August, offers its own relevance for clients who view India through a long-term lens. Lee and Shillington will discuss GLIN’s growth at a reasonable price (GARP) methodology. That is an all-weather strategy that allows advisors to tap into India growth opportunities with enduring lofty valuations.

The VanEck experts will also discuss the points that valuations on India equities are in line with global norms and that the country is home to an array of quality companies. Many of those firms reside in DGIN or GLIN, and have low debt burdens. Compare that with China, which has less attractive demographics and weaker corporate balance sheets.

Advisors who would like to register for the May 21 webcast can do so here.

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