Hemispherx Clarifies Apple IOS12 Stocks App 'No Recent Stories' Misinformation

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(RTTNews.com) - Hemispherx Biopharma Inc. (HEB) said that it continues to work with Apple and other affected parties for a solution to correct Apple iOS12 Stocks Application misinformation and enable investors using the Apple device for their market information to find current and accurate HEB recent stories and news.

Hemispherx announced on December 12, 2018, that it had learned that the Apple iOS12 Stocks Application, as a result of a recent update, has a "glitch" affecting a large number of public companies, including Hemispherx. The defect results in an erroneous news message which inaccurately informs certain iPhone and Apple portable device users that there are "No Recent Stories" related to Hemispherx.

As to Hemispherx, that is totally false since over the past six months the company has made great strides forward in accomplishing its milestones, and news stories regarding Hemispherx' timely filings and major material accomplishments abound. The Apple defect also resulted in news previously published and available on the Apple iOS12 Stocks App being deleted from the App.

The defect appears to have started in September of this year when Apple updated its operating system, including its Stocks App. Prior to the update, business stories for the company ticker "HEB" were published in due course. A history of these news stories was also immediately available on the App. With the update, the prior news history was deleted and dissemination of the false statement that there were "No Recent Stories" regarding Hemispherx was published.

Despite numerous formal demands, Apple thus far has been unable to fix this issue.

Therefore, Hemispherx said it has alerted its investors and those interested in Hemispherx to redirect their search for news on the company to other news outlets, such as Google Finance, Yahoo Finance and website at www.hemispherx.net.

Hemispherx said it has found that more than 60 publicly traded companies are being affected by this malfunction within Apple's Stocks App.

Hemispherx said, "While we continue to strive to work with Apple to remedy this issue, and we believe Apple will in good faith work to resolve it, we cannot allow the matter to stand uncorrected. We believe it is our duty to inform you of our corporate progress to date and make every effort to correct the "No Recent Stories" misstatement pending Apple's successful correction of the problem."

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