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GLOBE Spotlight: Tamar Beresford on Creating Space for Black Employees

Tamar Beresford, Director of Digital Strategy at Nasdaq

In honor of Black History Month, we interviewed members of our GLOBE (Global Link of Black Employees) network about their roles, diverse backgrounds, the impact of the employee resource group (ERG) and what it means to be an ally of the Black, African, African-American and West-Indian communities. We spoke with Tamar Beresford, Director of Digital Strategy at Nasdaq.

Tell us about your role at Nasdaq. 

As the Director of Digital Strategy, I currently oversee the implementation of our digital efforts for Nasdaq’s primary web properties: Nasdaq.com, nasdaqomxnordic.com, and nasdaqtrader.com. More specifically, this involves managing the rollout of our digital transformation strategy, supporting our Business Units via web production, establishing a digital analytics infrastructure, managing our data privacy policy, and promoting search engine optimization (SEO) for our marketing efforts.

Why did you decide to join GLOBE? 

I joined GLOBE because it provides me with a great opportunity to contribute to the Nasdaq community outside of my professional accomplishments. Nasdaq’s goals of inclusivity are as important externally as they are internally, and I believe Employee Resource Groups like GLOBE help support that.

How would you describe the employee resource group to a new employee?

Remember in college, when you joined that extracurricular group that immediately gave you a community and network of people who were passionate about the same things you were passionate about? That’s an ERG.

What’s your favorite memory while being a part of the employee network?

I had the opportunity to participate in our hallmark Our Talks series, where I was able to share with my Nasdaq colleagues what it really means to be Black in America. Following that experience, I engaged in such powerful conversations with many members of our Nasdaq community—it was an unforgettable experience and a moment I am most proud of.

How can people outside of the GLOBE network be a good ally to the Black, African, African-American and West Indian community?

Ask questions about our experience and listen to the answers of your Black colleagues without judgment or preconceived notions. We all have so much to learn from each other, but we must be open to engaging in difficult conversations.

What is your goal while being a member of GLOBE this year?

My goal is to help create a space for future Black employees of Nasdaq to be able to network, develop professionally, and be inspired to feel ownership over their experience here. To “act like an owner” is one of our key pillars as an organization, but that is only possible when you feel a sense of belonging and empowerment to positively impact the fabric of your company. I believe GLOBE, as well as other Nasdaq ERGs, have the ability to provide that for its new and existing employees.

In what ways can companies support their employees and further support social justice?

It’s important that companies acknowledge the voices of the employees that they currently have and provide them with the resources to express their perspectives, support their mental health, and encourage their professional development. I think it is equally important that they don’t leave their employees to do this work alone—it should be a priority at the highest level.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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