The Global IPO Outlook

On March 15, Nasdaq Stock Exchange President Nelson Griggs provided his perspectives to FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street” on initial public offering (IPO) trends, US-China trade relations, and the overallglobal marketoutlook.

Following the slower start to 2019 due to the U.S. government shutdown, Griggs referenced an unprecedented quality and quantity of IPOs anticipated in the next several months. He notes that healthy IPO environments typically have roughly two-thirds of IPOs in the technology and healthcare sectors, followed by financials, which is what he is seeing currently. The IPO pipeline from companies based in China remains large and the trade talks have not affected the pipeline, according to Griggs. In Europe, he noted that the IPO market seems to be experiencing slower movement in that region due to ambiguity with Brexit developments.

For more views from Griggs on the IPO outlook, click here to watch Bartiromo’s interview with Nelson Griggs. 


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