Frugal Living YouTuber Kate Kaden: 10 Things Frugal People Spend Money On

The number one thing frugal people look for in their purchases is good quality, according to frugal living YouTuber Kate Kaden. In her YouTube video, Kaden explained that purchasing high-quality items keeps those practicing frugality from buying things twice and allows them to spend a bit more freely on the things they value.

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Which purchases are worth every dollar? Here are the 10 things frugal people spend their money on according to Kaden.

Good Mattress

Growing up, Kaden said she could sleep in pretty much anything from a sleeping bag to a futon. As an adult, however, she knows the importance of quality sleep to get through her days.

Investing in a good mattress is key for getting a good night’s sleep and Kaden is not willing to financially skimp on this. Today, Kaden said she sleeps on a “perfect for me” mattress that she can sink into every night. 


Vacuums worth your money are the ones that properly do their jobs. A good vacuum cleaner is especially important for households with pets. Kaden has three cats and said she currently owns two vacuum cleaners. One vacuum plugs into the wall and is used for heavy-duty cleaning while the other is cordless and used for lightweight pet hair removal.

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Quality Sneakers

Kaden, who has a dance background, has long understood the role supportive sneakers play in protecting our feet and helping to prevent injuries. She recommends all frugal people invest in quality sneakers since the price tag is worth avoiding more serious issues later on.

Good Pots and Pans

Many frugal households cook their meals and meal prep at home to save money. When you’re cooking at home so frequently, Kaden said it’s a must to buy good pots and pans that will last forever. 

This doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune either. Kaden’s current set of pots and pans are from the Rachael Ray cookware line and are a basic set for cooking essential meals.

Good Knives

Frugal people should always invest in a good knife or knives as they’ll use them frequently when cooking and cutting up vegetables and fruit. When Kaden replaced a set of old knives she had with new ones, she said the difference in the new set’s cutting power was “night and day.”

Electric Toothbrush

Even though frugal people typically receive a free, non-electric toothbrush with toothpaste after visiting the dentist, Kaden said she prefers using an electric toothbrush. Using one not only provides a deeper clean when brushing teeth, but it helps maintain your overall dental hygiene. This can save you tons of money in the short and long term.

Toilet Paper

There’s nothing worse to Kaden than terrible toilet paper. “Good quality toilet paper, the soft kind that does its job and doesn’t hurt you? It’s important,” said Kaden.

A Life-Changing Book

While visiting the library is a great way to find lots of books to read for free, Kaden said it’s worth it to buy any books you have read that made you view the world differently. Purchasing these gems means you’ll have them on your bookshelf and can reread as often as you like.

A Dependable Vehicle

Kaden said a dependable vehicle, particularly one that keeps you safe, should be everyone’s priority. “A car that’s in the shop all the time because I’m trying to save a few bucks sometimes ends up costing a lot more,” she said.

While it’s important to purchase a dependable vehicle in your budget, you don’t want to buy the cheapest possible option and end up in need of constant repairs and maintenance.

A Safe Home

Your home should be safe and a sanctuary for you and everyone in your household. For those who haven’t quite found this home yet, Kaden recommends taking every frugal step you can to make it happen.

“Finding a space where you feel healthy, happy, independent and that relief of walking into your home… it’s priceless.”

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