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Friday's best web reveals Angry Birds' strategy to grow in China, reviews the Russian telecom space, gets an expert prediction on the rupee, identifies the new largest holder of proven oil reserves and queries whether current technical indicators point to going long emerging markets.

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Rachiel Nielsen of the Moscow Times details Rostelecom's efforts to improve their cellular network with 4G licenses on the horizon

Best web: Rostelecom's ( ROSSY , quote ) is making efforts to expand into the mobile phone market and become less reliant on its landline business. The company plans to capture 10% of mobile subscriptions by 2015. Rostelecom expects that by making a concerted effort to build a larger 3G network now, the company will be more likely to be awarded a slice of the 4G spectrum later.

Columnist for India's Business Standard Jamal Mecklai discusses his predictions for the rupee for the remainder of the year

Best web: Jamal Mecklai made the call at the beginning of the year that the rupee ( INR , quote ) would trade between 47 and 57 against the dollar during 2012. Thus far, his prediction looks prescient. In this column, he revisits that prediction, factoring in slower GDP growth, the current account deficit, and weaker European demand. Mecklai ultimately concludes that his prediction remains valid.

Ken Rapoza asks whether it is time to buy emerging markets again in his BRIC Breakers blog for Forbes

Best web: In a conversation with Richard Ross, Ken Rapoza discusses the technical indicators suggesting emerging markets are poised for a quick rebound. Oil and copper prices are stabilizing, the MSCI Emerging Markets index ( EEM , quote ) has bounced slightly higher, and emerging currencies appear to have bottomed out. Of course, there still remains one major uncertainty that will affect emerging market equities going forward: the Greek election Sunday.

He Wei of the China Daily discusses the plans 'hatched' by the creators of "Angry Birds" for the Chinese market

Best web: Finnish firm Rovio Entertainment plans to open activity parks, retail outlet shops, and more in Mainland China in an attempt to endear the game to netizens in the world's most populous country. Look for over 100 branded shops to open across China over the next year. But will this new physical presence be enough to overcome the rampant piracy in the region?

Andy Sambidge reports that Venezuela now has the world's largest proven oil reserves for Arabian Business

Best web: BP's annual Statistical Review of World Energy concluded that Venezuela has overtaken Saudi Arabia as the world's largest holder of proven oil reserves. As technology keeps improving, Venezuela's global reserves increased by almost 2% from a year ago. Given slumping crude prices, OPEC is pressuring Saudi Arabia to cut production, which may give them a leg up on reserve numbers for next year's list.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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