Franklin Templeton Joins Series A Round for Crypto Custodian Curv

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Curv, a provider of cryptocurrency custody infrastructure, has been backed in an extended Series A funding round by investment firm Franklin Templeton and fintech-focused VC firm Illuminate Financial Management.

  • The two new investors join companies such as CommerzVentures, Coinbase Ventures, CoinDesk parent firm Digital Currency Group, Team8 and Digital Garage in the round, Curv announced Thursday.
  • An updated raise total was not disclosed, but as of July 1, $23 million had been placed in the startup’s coffers.
  • Curv offers cloud custody services based on multi-party computation technology to “safely transfer, store and manage any digital asset on any blockchain or DLT,” according to the announcement.
  • “Curv … eliminates the concept of private keys through multi-party computation, allowing for blockchain transaction signing in a secure, distributed way to protect against cyber breaches and insider collusion,”  said Joe Boerio, EVP and chief risk and transformation officer at Franklin Templeton.
  • While the Series A was closed in July, Curv co-founder and CEO Itay Malinger said the new investors had sought to join the round soon after.
  •  “The addition of Franklin Templeton is a barometer of the traditional industry’s shift into digital assets,” he said.
  • Last November the investment firm tapped Curv to help safeguard its shares by building a transaction signing and management system for its fund.
  • Franklin Templeton (ticker: BEN) is a New York-listed global investment firm founded in 1947.
  • At the close of 2019, the company held $698 billion in assets under management. 

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