Filecoin Pushes Back Final Testing Phase, Announces ‘Calibration Period’ for Miners

Decentralized storage network provider Filecoin has delayed the launch of its incentivized testnet, the final phase of testing for its blockchain-enabled storage network. 

  • In a blog post on its website, Filecoin said it was pushing back its final testing round by two weeks, until Aug. 3. 
  • The firm also announced a calibration period from July 20 to Aug. 3 to allow miners to test their mining set-ups and to get an idea of how the competition’s conditions will affect their rewards. 
  • Filecoin had announced earlier last month that its incentivized testnet would precede its main launch. Delay in the final testnet also means the firm has pushed back its main launch window to between Aug. 31 and Sept. 21. 
  • Despite a lack of clear incentives for miners and multiple delays, Filecoin has managed to attract significant attention, especially in China. Investors have been speculating heavily on the network’s mining hardware and its token price, even though tokens mined on its current testnet are not the same as the real filecoin, which would circulate once its main network launches. 

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