"Fearless and Free" [Nasdaq Reads Series]

Fearless and Free Book Cover

Author Wendy Sachs talked to a wide range of women who faced down fears, roadblocks, and failures to reinvent themselves. The book weaves their insights and experiences together with current research and actionable advice. In Fearless and Free, the reader will learn how to:

  • Capitalize on skills and expand them
  • Grow comfortable with being uncomfortable
  • Boost confidence
  • Engineer serendipity
  • Nurture a network
  • Shake off setbacks
  • Brand yourself--without bragging
  • Build momentum
  • Compete with digital natives

  • Re-position when re-entering the workforce.

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Wendy Sachs is a master of the career pivot. She has been a Dateline NBC Emmy-award-winning TV producer, Capitol Hill press secretary, public relations executive, CNN contributor, and editor-in-chief of Care.com

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