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Piper was founded by Mark Pavlyukovskyy and Joel Sadler. Piper specifically focuses on STEM education, providing kids 7 years and above the tools to build their own computer. Combining electronics and programing with augmented reality, kids are empowered to assemble their own electronic devices and further develop their skills using Minecraft.

Mark, co-founder and CEO of Piper Inc., spent his life creating opportunities and empowering people around the world. He implemented STEM and engineering curriculum in schools on 4 different continents around the world during his time at Princeton University and dropped out of his PhD at Oxford to start Piper.

Since launching in 2015, over 14,000 Piper Computer Kits have been sold and over 100+ schools have adopted their teaching curriculum. Piper STEM curriculum is designed to empower students to become the inventors of tomorrow. Piper not only supports Common Core and NGSS standards, but also integrates hands-on engineering skills into classroom curriculum.

  • Learn to construct a fully-functional computer from scratch
  • Build electronics to solve problems
  • Easily integrate Piper to classroom curriculum
  • Fully portable

According to the Dept. of Education, President Obama has called on the nation to develop, recruit, and retain 100,000 excellent STEM teachers over the next 10 years. He also has asked colleges and universities to graduate an additional 1 million students with STEM majors. With the help of tools such as Piper teachers will have the ability to reach the goals set by the Dept of Education.

Piper inspires confidence by getting kids to use a toolbox to build a computer that plays Minecraft. It's important to understand how children like to learn by making it a fun learning experience. We are excited and inspired by the impact that Piper could make by igniting confidence in children about tech.

Mark Pavlyukovskyy, Founder

Piper Inc.


We make products to let kids create the future.

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