Faces of Entrepreneurship: Trixie and Ron Benitez

"I feel that the spirit within me is always trying to do better and better and always trying to continue to grow the business even further. I don't know if I'll ever feel like I've hit a benchmark where I'll feel like, 'Oh this is it. We've made it,' because there's so much that I feel like we constantly want to do, and we're continuously trying to grow the business. Every day is a new day." -- Trixie Benitez

"We're always trying to strategize about the shop, how we can continue to grow it. We're working on a couple things, but we're always constantly working. We're never not working. Having your own thing, you always find yourself doing something every moment, every hour of the day." -- Ron Benitez

Trixie Benitez,Co-Owner and Ron Benitez, Co-Owner of ASMBLY HALL -- Photo: @rawkbeez

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