Faces of Entrepreneurship IV

"Our business is a chef-driven representation of native San Franciscan food. It’s how we know it. Growing up in San Francisco, you can walk down any block and get Chinese, Italian, Mexican — it could be the best on my list or somebody else’s list or whatever. But we take the best that we’ve grown up with and put it on the menu for people who haven’t grown up here, or haven’t had the chance to experience [this cuisine], to try."

Jonny Ferrer, co-owner of @WTFSF, JoAnn Ferrer, co-owner of @WTFSF -- Photo: Eastwick Digital Brand Lab

"When I first opened up Sidewalk Juice, I was 21. By the time I was 24, I was literally this close to going out of business. I was having a conversation with a guy to sell the place. But in my heart I said, 'Let me give it a couple more months.' And after I told the guy no, six months later, I went from almost going out of business to there being a line of 40, 50 people outside that place. It went from being totally dead to one of the busiest places in the Mission (SF). Even I was surprised, thinking, 'Is this really my place?' I was so used to things being slow for the first three years. Looking back, it took a lot of years to build."

Jason Nazzal , co-founder @Sidewalk_Juice -- photo: Eastwick Digital Brand Lab

"If we were talking about life moments, for sure, definitely how my mom felt. Her reaction to me finally getting it open. Because when I was first trying to get the restaurant open, she kept telling me, 'Don’t do it. Don’t do it. You don’t have any kind of experience in it,' and she was very scared for me. And I told her, 'Mom, don’t worry about me. I got this. I got this.' But it finally happened, and she was like, 'Oh my God.' I looked in her eyes and she was just really happy, she was crying, and it was a beautiful thing. Definitely made me feel good.”

Jon Espejo, owner of @UncleBoys -- Photo: Eastwick Digital Brand Lab

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